Older models of garage door openers make loud noises as is, and the problem is only made worse when they malfunction. So, when we need to use the garage door early in the morning or late at night — we’ll be bothering everyone within hearing distance. Also, if the issue lies in outdated equipment, we’ll need to change it anyway. When that time comes, why wouldn’t we want to treat ourselves to a fancy new upgrade?

Thus, when replacing an old system, we should always consider purchasing a quiet garage door opener. In addition to the obvious reason (less noise), silent openers come with some added benefits. So, let’s see why you should switch out your old garage door opener for a noiseless one.


One of the most common reasons people install quiet garage door openers is that they’re quite convenient. We don’t have to leave our car and physically press a button to open and close the door. Thus, we won’t have to get wet when it’s raining or leave our children and pets in the car to use the door.

Additionally, the majority of new openers come with built-in lights that are quite useful at night or in bad weather. They increase visibility and help us park as well as navigate our garage without knocking anything over.

They’re even more convenient for the elderly who struggle with opening and closing the door each time they use it. Also, if we have a housemate that suffers from a debilitating condition — a new, efficient opener will make their life easier.

Advanced Features

Speaking of convenience, quiet garage door openers come with a few advanced features that everyone can benefit from. For example, all modern openers come with mobile connectivity features that allow us to monitor our garage remotely. We can even set them up to get text and email alerts when someone tries to open our garage door.

Modern garage door openers also come with a backup function that allows us access to our garage when the power’s out. With this feature, we won’t have to fear getting locked out of our home or garage under any circumstances. Also, if something goes wrong, we can always deactivate our opener and open the door manually.

Additional Security

Unfortunately, a trespasser can easily gain access to our home by going in through an unsecured garage door. However, by installing a quiet garage door opener, we can ensure all of our possessions are safe from potential robbers.

For more security, we can opt for a system with rolling codes that change every time we open the door. These codes will ensure that we’re the only ones with access to our garage at all times.

Additionally, old garage door openers can sometimes open and close at will, thus putting unwitting passers-by at risk. New openers eliminate this threat and allow us to control our garage door easily and safely. With one of these, we won’t have to worry about our garage door damaging our car or hurting the people walking by.

Finally, most new quiet garage door openers have an automatic closing feature. Thus, even if we forget to close the door — the system will do it for us. There’s no need to worry about anyone coming in through the garage. This feature will make us feel more secure when we go to work or on a trip. Moreover, we won’t have to spend the whole day worrying about whether we have left the door open!

Energy Efficiency

Even though a quiet garage door opener offers a lot of advanced functions, it isn’t very power-hungry. The majority of new openers are quite energy-efficient and cost-effective in general. Thus, we can help our planet while keeping our electricity costs down. Also, the automatic close function will ensure that we don’t waste any energy on heating or cooling if we forget to close the door.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

One of the key benefits of these door openers is that they require little to no upkeep. Unlike old openers, we won’t have to grease them or clean them every couple of months. They pretty much take care of themselves, and all we need to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, by performing the occasional checkup, we can keep them in perfect working condition for longer.

Keeping the Peace

If we are a part of a multi-person household, even if they’re family members, we should try not to bother them each time we need to leave the house. Given that not all of us have the same habits, it’s a bit unfair to make a lot of noise every time we need to use the car. For example, if we have to go to work early, and someone’s sleeping in the room adjacent to or above the garage — we will probably wake them up.

Additionally, our neighbors could also take issue with the noise coming out of our garage. In fact, we may disrupt the peace in our neighborhood — and possibly make a few enemies along the way.

Also, even though it seems like a minor problem, the situation could go from bad to worse if we live in an attached home. The people living next to us need their quiet time; they definitely don’t want to hear the noise and motion of an old garage door opener.

Luckily, a new, quiet garage door opener won’t make any noise or bother anyone. By installing it, our family and neighbors won’t resent us every time we need to open our garage door.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of a Quiet Garage Door Opener

As it turns out, there are many benefits of installing a quiet garage door opener. Not only will it save us a lot of time when we’re coming in and out of the garage, but we also won’t bother anyone nearby. Our home will be safer, and we will lower our energy bills significantly. What’s more, a brand new quiet opener will even save us a lot of time and money on maintenance.