Living in a first-world country should make its citizens feel like they’re on top of the world. Everything should be utterly convenient, basically a push of a button or a voice command away. But what happens when that convenience is taken away from us? What happens when the lights go out?

Odd as it may seem, even the world’s leading economies have a problem controlling one thing — a power outage. The US alone has been struggling with this issue for the past ten years.

Now, all a power outage needs are seconds to turn our lives into a living hell. The fridges, air conditioners,  and water heaters will stop working; the kids will start whining about Wi-Fi; the computers won’t work; the phone batteries will stop charging. Complete mayhem, right?

Well… It doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, power outages will always be downright annoying. But there’s a way for us to regain control over our lives (and our home electronics) — investing in a generator. Hear us out. EnstorageInc is a great blog all about generators, they have discussed why investing in a generator worth it. You should check there.

5 Reasons to Buy a Generator

#1 Weather-related power outages are a thing

First-world country or not, we still haven’t figured out a way to control the weather. No matter if we believe global warming is real or not, we can’t deny that the climate has changed. And it’s not just that the summers are getting hotter and winters colder. Spring and fall weather conditions are no joke either.

Think about it — extreme heat, droughts, thunderstorms, heavy rain, tornadoes, hailstorms, hurricanes, floods, sub-zero temperatures, blizzards… It’s like we’re on some sort of a climate-powered carousel, and someone smashed the control board. There’s just no catching a break.

But we’re a tough kind. We adapted. We learned to stay safely inside whenever there’s something a pair of sunglasses, rubber boots, or mittens can’t handle. And just when we got smug, just when we thought we had it all figured out — our homes started going dark.

At the moment, the weather is the number 1 cause of power cuts in the US. And there’s just nothing that can be done about that. So instead of screaming at the poor emergency line operator of our local electric company, we should get a generator.

Considering how long and severe storms in the US can get, it’s better if we ready ourselves for the possibility of experiencing a day-long blackout. Having a power generator would make it possible for our household to run relatively smoothly during the emergency period.

#2 We need the light — and a few other things

We can’t deny that enjoying the benefits of the alternating current has spoiled us rotten. All of a sudden, we can’t live without it.

Let’s be honest; an evening under the candlelight seems appealing only when we plan it — not when the weather forecast forces it. And lighting is just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t even get us started on water heaters, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, laptops, smartphones… The list is virtually endless.

However, an emergency power generator could help us feel a bit more in control. Depending on its size and capacity, a generator would make it possible for our fridge to keep working through the storm. Hot water would also not be a distant memory, and neither would light coming from a lamp. What’s more, even watching TV with some microwaved popcorn would not be a far-fetched idea.

In any case, having a generator certainly makes toughing out a storm less intimidating.

#3 The sump pump will never stop working

We’ve all heard that bad luck comes in threes, but with weather-related power outages, that number could skyrocket at any given moment. We all know how it goes — where there’s a storm, there’s rain. So aside from having to worry about not having electricity, we have to worry about water getting into our home.

And it usually starts from the basement. Now, in normal circumstances, water under the house wouldn’t be a huge problem. Most American homes nowadays have a sump pump that sucks out any water piling up in the water-collecting basin. The only problem is that a sump pump can’t do its job without electricity.

So, basically, every power outage, no matter how short, is a serious threat to your home. Flood damage is both a health hazard and an economic strain for a household. So getting a generator that would power the sump pump means two headaches less. It’s a wise investment.

#4 Zero downtime for home-based workers

Working remotely is one of the half-blessings-half-curses we’ve grown to love over time. Generally speaking, the world of business is fast-paced and one that doesn’t leave a lot of room for unplanned breaks. And in the world of remote, online business, a few seconds of unplanned downtime could mean a financial loss at best. At worst… Let’s just not go there.

Why? Because the worst doesn’t have to happen, ever. With the help of an emergency power generator, we’d always have a backup plan. Even if the power goes out at the most critical moment, we’d be back on our feet in no time. Therefore, getting a generator is a sound business investment — possibly the one that could save us.

#5 The invaluable sense of independence

Earlier in this article, we touched upon the problem of our dependence (not to say addiction) on electricity and those who provide it. Quite frankly, the first thing most of us do when the power goes out is call our local electric company. Similarly, most of us start yelling frantically the moment someone picks up.

Instead of causing ourselves (and the poor emergency line operator) infinite amounts of stress, we should prepare in advance. Having a generator means our household is self-sufficient and capable of surviving until the power comes back.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing life teaches us pretty much every step of the way, it’s to expect the unexpected. While it is true that Mother Nature isn’t likely to give us a break any time soon, we shouldn’t ignore the solution that’s staring right at us.

A power generator is an outstanding backup plan for any household, especially if power outages are a regular occurrence. The best thing about it is that, once connected to the household’s electrical system, a generator requires almost no maintenance.

Remember — just because the power is out doesn’t mean your life has to stop. A generator allows you to make the electricity-ridden hours bearable, and maybe even a bit fun. It’s the peace of mind every person on this planet deserves.