Best Quiet fans For Bedroom

When the temperature rises, it’s tough to get cool and dry enough to fall asleep. So it’s time to seek some instant relief from the heat of the summer. Fortunately, the cooling fans can help you with temperature-related problems. These fans blow the cool and fresh air around your body, allowing you to feel cooler and sweat less.

There are many options that you can choose between – from design to performance, to extra functions – but most would agree that the best fan will keep you cool all day long without making too much noise.

In this regard, we’ve rounded-up several current models that we think they’re the best fit for you. Read our full reviews of the best quiet fans below to help you choose a fan that suits your needs.

Quiet Fan Comparison Table

Products (Click on the name for more information)TypeSpeed SettingsMaximum Noise Level (dB)Maximum Timer SettingWarranty
Honeywell HYF290B Tower FanTower Fan8568 Hours1 Year
OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk FanDesk Fan252N/A1 Year
Rowenta VU2660 Table FanDesk Fan553N/A1 Year
SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk FanDesk FanStepless Speed Regulation56N/A1 Year
Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower FanTower Fan3517.5 Hours1 Year
Vornado Zippi Personal FanPersonal Fan250N/A3 Years
pureFlow QT7- Bladeless FanBladeless Fan12439 Hours2 Years
Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator FanDesk Fan452N/A5 Years
Holmes HAPF624R-UC Fan Floor Fan3568 Hours3 Years
Rowenta VU5670 Stand FanPedestal Fan5528 Hours1 Year
BedJet V2 Climate ComfortBedJet Dual-zone systemTemperature Range:
72°F to 104°F (22°C-40°C)
4812 Hours2 Years

Best Quiet Fan Reviews

1. Honeywell Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan


Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan is designed to give you a lot of control over your tower fan. There are 8 levels of speed that allows you to personalize the cooling power of the fan and the top is labeled “Power Cool”. Unfortunately, the term is a bit misleading. In reality, this unit doesn’t produce the extremely powerful ai flow that some other models, even at top speed. Due to lack of power, it’s better suited for small or medium rooms.

Although the Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan is not very powerful, it features a fan rotation (aka “Oscillation”) which distributes air across the room very evenly. While the fan has eight-speed settings, the oscillation has only one-speed setting. It takes about 10 seconds to completely rotate from one side to the next.

As an improvement from the previous models, the Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan uses a dimming feature that is ideal for use in the bedroom. This feature lets you set the control panel lights to 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25% brightness, so you’ll never have to worry about the fan light keeping you awake at night.

Honeywell also packed this fan with some convenience features. This unit includes an easy-to-use LED control panel and a built-in digital thermostat. It also features an auto shut-off timer which lets you choose between 1, 2, 4, and 8-hour automatic shut-off. So, this helps to save lots of utility bill and perfect to use in the kid’s room.

One of the things I really like about this model is its remote control. With the three-button remote control, you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the power and oscillation off and on or choose your desired speed. Note that there are no controls on the remote to trigger the control panel light brightness or sleep timer. Another great thing about the remote control is when not in use, it can be put in the discreet storage nest located on the back of the fan – this is a handy storage location since it is invisible yet convenient to access.

It’s also worth noting that when you turn the unit off, it will remember the fan speed once you turn it back on, but it does not remember the rotation, brightness setting, or sleep timer. Which means when you turn the fan on, the rotation is inactive, the timer is not set, the brightness goes back to 100%.

This elegant fan is slim and does not take up a lot of width on the floor, making it ideal for small space. It will blend in quite well with any kitchen and living room due to its simple sleek design. While the Honeywell HYF290B is a tower fan, it works nicely as a floor fan and also can functions as a standing fan on a sturdy above-floor surface if you prefer.

The coolest part is that this unit is very quiet in operation so chances are you won’t be disturbed by it when you want to sleep. At lowest speed, it generates a very low hum. At higher speeds, it is about as loud as the Honeywell Tabletop HT-904’s lowest speed. At highest speed, it is about as loud as the medium speed on the HT-904.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quiet fan and don’t need a strong air push, then this model would be a great option. This model also comes at a great price, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a cooling solution that won’t break the bank account.

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2. OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk Fan – Quiet Desk Fan


OPOLAR is one of the most popular manufacturers when it comes to desk fans and this OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk Fan is a good example of that popularity. This model provides fairly silent operation, so you can enjoy the cool air without worry about disturbing anyone working within earshot.

The OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk Fan comes in a sleek black color which makes it easy to fit lots of different spaces. Despite its quite large size, the 9-inch fan straightforward to operate and carry thanks to its easy-to-understand and lightweight design. It features 2 different speeds to cater to different demands and produces decent wind to cover a reasonable distance. It also features a metal frame for sturdiness and stability and plastic blades for lowering the noise. In addition, it uses a brushless motor to keep its noise level as low as possible.

The OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk Fan is powered with a USB cable, meaning that it can be connected to any gadget that can provide its proper operation – a computer, a laptop, a portable charger or an external power bank. It works with a USB port that produces 5 volts. Equipped with the energy-efficient accessory, the unit can provide top performance without consuming a lot of energy (4 watts).

The main downside of this desk fan is that it lacks versatility and you will not have any way to control the fan rotation of the fan. So this product is recommended for those who are looking for a personal fan that has been pointed directly at them to keep them cool.

Overall, the OPOLAR 9-inch USB Desk Fan is the best USB fan for personal use. It is designed with quiet operation in mind and it is one of the less expensive options when it comes to USB desk fan. So, if you’re looking for a quiet USB fan with affordable price, then this OPOLAR USB Desk Fan is worth a consideration.

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3. Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme Electronic Table Fan – Quiet Table Fan


Wherever you want to keep your room cool during this hot summer at home or at work, the Rowenta VU2660 fan can do the job perfectly. Built for the bedroom, this product is extremely quiet and powerful. It also provides lots of features to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Rowenta is a German manufacturer that have made small household appliances since 1884. According to the data provided by the manufacturer, this modern fan has 12-inch-diameter head and 5 specially engineered blades. It is also said to deliver a strong airflow (up to 1695 cubic feet/minute). What does this number mean? It means that the fan can provide an immediate cooling effect.

The first thing we’d like to point out is that this appliance offers a great deal of flexibility with its 5-speed settings including Silent Night and Turbo Boost. The Turbo Boost provides the maximum airflow to cool down a hot room while the Silent Night provides the perfect cool temperature in your bedroom, giving you the perfect sleep during hot summer nights. However, even on its highest setting, the VU2660 fan won’t disturb you since it runs at only 35 dB (which is barely louder than a whisper).

Another feature that caught our eye was the electronic controls of this model. The user-friendly control panel is located on the fan’s stand so you can effortlessly control the settings when the fan is within reach. You can also use a remote control to adjust the settings. This can be very useful if you want to use this unit as a floor model.

For convenience, the Rowenta VU2660 fan comes with a well-shaped handle which ensures easy transport. This oscillates fan pivots up to 90 left and right and tilts slightly up and down. The front grid is easily removed for cleaning of the 5 blades.

All in all, this Rowenta model is a bit expensive for a desk fan, but its unmatched combination of silence and power make this table fan worth the extra money. For someone who is searching for a portable, powerful but quiet fan, the Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme Electronic Table Fan is the clear number one choice. However, if you’re on a budget but still wants an excellent quiet fan, you want to consider Rowenta VU2531. This is a previous model form Rowenta and is cheaper than the VU2660.

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4. SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan


This personal fan from SkyGenius can be used either as a table fan or a clip-on fan. The clip-on style allows users to clip it on something like a backseat, by your computer, or even to clip on a treadmill while you’re working out. The clip is strong enough to attach to a baby stroller with no problem. It is a great choice for those who are looking for a fan that they can carry easily and clip it anywhere they need a cool breeze.

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan comes in a unique compact design that is credited to its good performance and versatility. It is ideal for limited spaces such as office desks, baby strollers, camping tents, cars, kitchens. This fan is mainly targeted at children as it has an enclosed design to keep your children’s fingers safe. It can also rotate either vertically or horizontally in 360 degrees so you don’t need to re-clip it if you need to change an angle of the wind.

The fan dimensions are 7.5x6x4 inches and the weight is 9.6 ounces. It has a motor that will push wind at a speed of up to 75ft/s. This might not be the most powerful fan out there, but it will definitely be enough to protect you against moderate heat waves. In addition, this compact fan can cool a small environment fast without consuming too much energy, saving you money on your energy bills.

The fan is powered by 2600 mAh rechargeable battery and you can charge it via the USB port using a USB charger, power band, computer or USB power source. The battery can be replaced and it will last between 2.5-6 hours depending on the selected speed setting that you choose. There is an indicator light which will turn red when charging; when it is fully charged, the light turns off. If the battery is not properly charging, the light is off.

In all of these, the clip-on and desk fan is surprisingly quiet for such an inexpensive small fan, so you can plug in and enjoy the cool air without any annoying humming, be hissing noises.

So there you have it. Enjoy the innovation, cute design and great performance offered by this personal fan from SkyGenius.

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5. Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan – Quiet Tower Fan


The Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan is one of the most popular tower fans on the market. It’s known for its quietness and compactness. This makes it great for bedrooms, nurseries, where we need a quiet operation. Additionally, this model features a Fresh Air Ionizer technology which does a nice job of removing the dust and darts of the air. This function provides fresh, clean, and germ-free air throughout the entire room, making it great for those who are sensitive to dust particles.

Unlike the previous version of Lasko wind curve fan, which made is made of sleek plastic, this new version is made with fake wood which makes it a stylish option. The design of the Lasko model aims to ensure an efficient and even air distribution while saving floor space. This fan can easily fit into any small place, making it a perfect choice for small rooms or rooms that are crowded with furniture. There is also a convenient handle that allows you easily carry the fan from room to room.

Lasko 2554 tower fan produces lesser noise at low-speed setting compared to other traditional fans. In our test, it produces quite a bit of noise at the medium and high-speed setting but quiet in nature in a low-speed setting.

With a timer, which can be set anything between 1/2 to 7 ½ hours, Lasko has gone one step further with providing optimum comfort. For further convenience, this unit comes with a remote control that gives access to various functions so that you can enjoy your favorite TV serial in your living room and easily operate the fan using the remote. This unit also has a built-in remote control storage that is perfectly hidden in the back of the fan.

While some of popular tower fan brands like Honeywell HYF290B Tower Fan has 8 fan speeds, this the Lasko 2554 tower fan only has 3-speed settings (low, medium and high-speed modes). Lesser speed level doesn’t mean this tower fan is not powerful. But that may create a problem to adjust the speed according to your demand.

Like most tower fans, this unit is not easy to clean. The space between the vents is usually small, so it is quite difficult to clear away all the dust from the inside of the vents. Some users advise blowing the dust out with a leaf blower or an air compressor. But that might be a bit extreme and would need to be done outside. Ideally, you will need the proper attachment and a powerful vacuum cleaner to be able to clean the dust from the inside.

Overall, the Lasko 2554 tower fan is one of the best quiet fans that’s available. It isn’t just a great device to keep relaxed and cool, but it is also good for the environment. Few fans can offer an option to improve the quality of the air in the room that they operate, but the Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan was specifically designed for this purpose. So if you’re looking for a quiet fan which has this kind of feature, then this unit is the perfect fit.

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6. Vornado Zippi Personal Fan


If you’re looking for the quiet fan to accompany you on your travels, then Zippi could be the one for you. It has a convenient folding design which makes it easy to take on a business trip or for storage when you don’t need it. In addition to that, weighing in at only 1 pound, the fan will give you unprecedented ease of movement. Despite its small size, the fan comes with an adjustable head and two-speed settings which make it easy to customize your own cool zone.

Vornado Zippi Personal Fan is one of the most popular desk fans. As the name suggests, this product is designed for personal use whether in the office or at home depending on your needs. The fan has a sleek and stylish design, making it look more attractive as compared to others. It also comes in many different colors which allows you to coordinate your fan to any design style you have in your home or office.

One of Zippi’s standout features is its soft cloth blades which are safe to touch even while the fan is working at full speed. These blades are made of nylon and are 100% safe. This feature ensures that your kids or pets running into the fan won’t be hurt and the sturdy frame will be protected from damages either. In the same vein, the blades are as quiet as the wind itself.

Since the fan is very quiet, it won’t wake you at night and you even want to set a reminder for yourself to turn it off. If you want to use the Vornado Zippi Personal Fan in the office, you will be thrilled by how quiet the fan is when in operation. The fan won’t distract you from the work or disturb your co-workers because of unnecessary noise. That’s really something awesome.

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7. pureFlow QT7- Bladeless Fan – Green Fan for Personal Use


If you do your best to choose devices that are not quiet and efficient but also environmentally-friendly, the pureFlow QT7 Fan might interest you. This bladeless fan is designed to reduce power usage as it consumes just 2 watts of power. It is one of the most energy efficient bladeless fans on the market today but it still delivers a strong and reliable performance.

This futuristic-looking bladeless fan is one of the new generations of bladeless fans that promise to revolutionize the fan industry. The overall futuristic appearance and innovative design of the pureFlow QT7 fan make it perfect for use as a table decor piece. The design of the pureFlow QT7 is more than just a way to separate it from other fans. Traditional fans often come with blades which can be dangerous for kids and pets. With the unique design of pureFlow QT7 fan, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your furbabies and human babies. So this bladeless fan is ideal for the kid’s room since there’s no danger of blade-related injury.

The fan is designed to circulate your room’s air more quickly and efficiently than standard fans. It is designed with the 90-degree vertical tilt and 90 horizontal oscillations which keep the air flowing across the room in all directions.

There are 12 different speed settings and this is one of the highest amounts we’ve seen. You can easily find a comfortable setting, from a gentle breeze airflow to a full gust of wind and everything in between. Like most other modern fans, the pureFlow QT7 fan can be operated by a simple control panel or a remote control. That said, you can adjust the fan speed and oscillation without moving one bit – simply press a button on the remote.

One of the main advantages of this unit is it operates so quietly. It generates about 13 decibels of sound on its lowest setting. Just so you understand what that means, its noise level compares with the noise level in a library. Simply put, you can barely hear anything. Most importantly, sleeping with this bladeless fan on is pleasant since all you will feel is the cool breeze and no noise.

The fan comes with an 8-foot-long cord so it can be located just everywhere. One more advantage of the pureFlow QT7 fan is its 9-hour shut-off timer. You can choose from 1 to 9 hours. Just set it and enjoy a good night’s rest.

We have to admit that this fan is a bit expensive compared to most other models on our list. But it’s totally worth the money if you consider all the advantages you will get with this unit such as its futuristic design, great performance, quiet operation, energy efficiency, safety. With this bladeless fan, pureFlow proves that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for performance and quality.

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8. Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


Are you looking for a quiet fan that would provide impressive cooling results? Then the Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator Fan is just what you need. At 11.8 inches by 13.5 inches by 15 inches, the 660 doesn’t take up too much room on the floor. The fan is small enough to handle personal area, but it has enough power to circulate the air properly in a whole room, too. It is equipped with deep-pitched blades which shoot out air for up to 100 feet in whatever direction it rotates.

The Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator Fan comes in white or black, both of which has a gloss and matte finish that will complement most decor styles. The Vornado 660 fan’s design is simply innovative. It seamlessly moves horizontally and vertically along a chrome glide bar, which allows the fan to circulate the air over a wider range.

This desk fan is built with an inlet air circulator which efficiently directs air into the path of the blades for effective airflow. It uses Vortex Technology that efficiently circulates air throughout the room. It can blow air at 4 different speed settings from whisper-quiet to turbo (584CFM) which are easily selected by push-button controls located at the top of the fan. The fan also features a chrome glide bar which makes controlling the position of the air flow very easy.

In addition to great performance, this fan is fairly quiet on the low and medium speed settings, so you will not have to endure annoying noise just because you are trying to cool off. The fan produces a white noise when it’s set to the highest speed. Try this setting in the office or at home where you are constantly distracted and see how having some white noise can increase your productivity.

Another great benefit that comes with this desk fan is that it is supported by a 5-year warranty. If you have been having concerns about the quality of Vornado product and this such warranty does not quench that, we wonder what will.

Lastly, pay attention to an affordable price of the Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator Fan that allows you to enjoy cool air at home or at work without spending a fortune.

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9. Holmes HAPF624R-UC Fan – Quiet Floor Fan


The Holmes HAPF624R-UC fan is designed to provide you with an optimal performance and good value. It is advertised as a powerful fan with an “advanced blade system”. Featuring a uniquely designed rotating grill and a specifically designed forceful motor, the fan’s airflow is increased by up to 40%, which allows the fan to deliver a great amount of air without a hitch. Being 12 inches in diameter, it nearly the same size as small box fans. This makes it extremely effective in moving an abundance of air inside small to big rooms.

The unit is super quiet on the lowest setting. As the speed progresses, you can hear a slight humming sound, but it’s not too loud to disrupt your normal conversation. Generally speaking, the Holmes HAPF624R-UC fan is much quieter than typical box fans but is much louder compared to bladeless fans.

As powerful as it is, the fan is also a very convenient blower. Like most other floor fans, this model is a compact stand-alone unit with a stable foot base that won’t take a lot of space. For easy use, it boasts a remote control option which allows you to control it from the comfort of your couch or bed. Speaking of operation, the fan has 3-speed settings and 2 breeze modes which allows you to find the optimal one that will suit your personal needs and preferences. There is also a sleep mode to provide a comfy night sleep with gentle white noise accompaniment. There is more to come. There is an automatic shut-off timer that you can set the fan to automatically turn off after the scheduled hours. It can be programmed for up to 8 hours.

Besides, the Holmes HAPF624R-US fan comes in a stylish design that will give your home a modern look. It is powered by a cord which can be placed in the cord storage at the back of the fan. The fan is small and light with only 5.51 pounds. It also includes a carrying handle on its head that allows you to carry the fan easily.

Overall, the Holmes HAPF624R-UC fan offers a well-balanced combo of the powerful performance, silent operation, ultimate user convenience, and a handy portable design. For anyone looking for a powerful yet silent fan, this unit is the one you should consider.

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10. Rowenta VU5670 Stand Fan – Quiet Pedestal fan


Rowenta VU5551 fan was the number one pedestal fan for a long time, but Rowenta’s newest offering, the VU5670, has passed it. This new model has a lot of features of its predecessor that we will review below.

The Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Stand Fan is one of the most powerful stand fans. It uses 5 efficient blades to offers a strong and consistent airflow of 2436 cubic feet per minute. The head of the fan is 16 inches in diameter that swing directions (up, down, left, right), evenly distributing the air around the whole room. The fan also includes an extra powerful turbo boost which lives up to its name. It is separate from the other speeds and comes in useful when you want a strong blast of air or you want to cool a large room.

Even though the fan is so powerful, it is extremely quiet, putting out a mere 35 dBA. It’s quiet enough for you to watch TV, or sleep with the fan on. It also has a silent night mode that’s extra quiet so you can sleep in peace without the endless whirring of the fan keeping you up all night.

This is the tallest model on our list that is easily adjusted from 42 inches to 54 inches. Along with a wide range of oscillation, the Rowenta VU5670 has an adjustable height stand, giving the fan a great deal of flexibility.

This cooling fan gives you the ability to choose from among five speed settings instead of the VU5551’s four. These settings include a turbo boost option for that much-needed strong airflow and ultra silent night mode for the ultimate in soundless cooling. For extra convenience, the fan features two more settings via the integrated electronic control panel: An eight-hour timer and energy-saving modes. The timer enables you to adjust the timer it is on. The energy-saving modes will automatically slow down the airflow to the optimal setting so you don’t up your electric bill.

Like other modern fans, the fan also comes with a compact remote which lets you make adjustments from where you are. Imagine you are sleeping and want to adjust the speed but you have no desire to stand up to do anything, this feature will come in handy. The manual says the remote control works up to 23 feet away.

If you’re on the budget or you just prefer small fans, you might want to consider a Rowenta 12-inch table version, Rowenta VU2660 Table Fan. The 12-inch fan is not as powerful as the VU5670 fan, but it’s still an excellent fan that great for use in small places.

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11. BedJet V2 Climate Comfort (Dual Temperature Zone – King Size)


BedJet V2 Climate Comfort is not the regular fan, but it can do more than you might be expected from a fan. It is designed to keep you cool and dry all night long. As the name suggests, the BedJet is a climate comfort system made specifically for the bed. It is a cooling and heating product that attaches to the foot of any bed and distributes air under the sheets as you sleep.

Using a powerful ventilation and biorhythm sleep technology, the BedJet V2 sends a gentle stream of cool air directly into your mattress and allows you to program custom heating/cooling profiles all night. You can move the unit around the mattress to find the perfect spot.

The BedJet V2 comes in 2 main versions: Single zone unit and dual zone unit. The single zone unit includes one base unit that covers one side of a queen- or king-sized bed or coverage for a twin bed. The dual zone version uses two base units that offer different sleeping temperatures, making it a great choice for couples. If you like to sleep in a breezy cool climate, but your partner prefers a warm bed,  then the BedJet Dual-zone unit can provide independent heating and cooling zones for each half of the bed. With the BedJet Dual-zone system, you can choose your personal temperature with no need to fight over keeping the room cooler or warmer.

Using the convective method of cooling, the BedJet will work best in bedrooms temperatures 79 degrees and under. That said, the BedJet should not be used as a substitute for an air conditioner in extreme heat.

This bedding accessory uses a combination of 20,000-hour direct drive DC motor along with a bed fan as well as ultra-rapid warming technology. Which creates a nearly instant cooling effect for your bed. The temperature settings can be pre-programmed for each hour of sleep. Making it a perfect feel all night long. The BedJet also provides preset suggestions based on individual factors, such as gender and age.

You can use this cooling and heating unit with your current sheet, but BedJet recommended you try it with their Aircomforter sheet since it is specifically designed to be compatible with the BedJet hose.

The BedJet V2 comes with two BedJet base units and two air nozzles. It’s very easy to set up the whole system, you will just need to place the BedJet base unit next to your bed (or you can place it anywhere around the bed that you like), then place the air nozzle into the Aircomforter sheet. This will allow the cool or hot air flow inside the sheet. The comforter, which lays on you, helps to keep you cool without feeling air blowing directly on you. The BedJet V2 climate comfort works well on both standard and folding bed.

You can control the system using a remote control or smartphone app that you can load on your phone for free (available for both Android and iPhone). From the app, you can control shutoff based on temperature, customize the setup based on actual temperature, biorhythm sleep cycle programming, and choose from a number of heating presets. You can switch between the cool, heat, and turbo heat mode, adjust the airflow, set the timer and turn off sound. Inside the app, you can also adjust air temperature (between 72 and 104 Fahrenheit degrees), automatic shut off, and set alarm.

Now you may want to know if it is really quiet or not? Yes, it is. You will appreciate the silent operation of this BedJet V2 Climate Comfort. Especially, on the low and medium speed settings, you will hardly notice it’s on. At higher settings, you may notice a very soothing background white noise which is the most effective sleep aid to help you and your baby sleep better. In case you’re not a fan of white noise, you can run this unit at the lower settings.

This cooling and heating unit is moderately expensive compared to other cooling fans but it’s well worth the money since it helps make your sleep personal and keep the peace surrounding sleep comfort. As mentioned, the BedJet comes in 2 configurations – Single Zone and Dual. Since the single zone model offers only one sleeping temperature, it is less expensive than the Dual-zone version. If you’re single or don’t want to spend too much on buying a cooling and heating unit, then the BedJet single zone version may be the right one for you.

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