As a homeowner, you may read information or ask others how to care for your air conditioner. Naturally, you want to ensure that it works efficiently and lasts longer. Unfortunately, the information can be overwhelming and confusing as some may contradict each other. Moreover, not everything that you may have heard or read is true. So, to avoid confusion and set things straight, we listed some common air conditioning myths and the truth behind them.

Bigger units are always better.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to air conditioners. The best AC is one that fits your needs. So, if you have a small area to cool, you don’t need a big unit as it will be a waste of money. These units are often more expensive than their smaller counterparts. To determine the ideal size for your home, measure the area to cool and let the salesperson know when you make a purchase. These AC experts will recommend the air conditioner that matches your requirements based on your provided measurement. On the other hand, buying a smaller unit may not effectively cool the room. It needs to work harder, putting pressure on its parts, thus shortening its lifespan.

You don’t need AC service for newer units.

New units are at their peak performance since they have not yet been subjected to natural wear and tear. However, it’s not true that you don’t need maintenance if your AC is fairly new. As long as you start using it, it’s best to get regular maintenance from professional service providers. It will help keep it working to its finest for an extended period. If you live in East Sussex, an air conditioning Brighton company can do the job. You’ll get immediate assistance if needed since they are within local proximity.

Setting the thermostat low makes cooling faster.

It’s another myth that many owners fall victim to. They set the temperature too low, thinking it would cool the room faster. The truth is, the air conditioner works the same way regardless of the temperature you set. It would take the same time to adjust the temperature a degree down, thus taking longer to reach a lower temperature. So, set it as you normally would. The ideal temperature that offers comfort to the home without overworking the unit is 24°C or 75.2°F.

Use fans to cool the room quicker.

Fans can help circulate the cooled air inside the room, but it doesn’t aid the AC in quickly cooling the space. On the other hand, it will help you feel cooler since the already-cooled air is directed towards you. So, if the temperature is already comfortable without the fan, it’s okay to skip its use.

Air conditioning could cause colds.

Air conditioning doesn’t cause colds as a virus causes it. However, it could indeed affect indoor air quality. So, if it’s dirty, it might cause health problems, so it’s important to clean or replace the filters and maintain your AC properly.

Do not fall victim to these common AC myths. Know the facts to maximise the use of your air conditioner and keep it in mint condition.