Are you looking for ways to enhance your apartment? You can keep the whole place the same or go over budget if you want something different. Here are some tips you can follow.

  1. Add shades, curtains, and drapes

If you want to enhance your apartment, a few simple things will make a big difference. The first thing is to add shades and curtains or drapes to block out some of the light in your apartment.

Curtains, drapes, and shades can make a great difference in your home. The essential thing to remember when choosing curtains or drapes is that they should match the color of your walls.

If you want them to look elegant, add a valance to cover the top half of the curtain rod; this will also assist in keeping it from getting dusty or dirty.

If you have windows with no existing shades or curtains on them, then adding blinds would be ideal because they will give privacy and block out light when needed.

  1. Introduce Indoor Plants

As you know, plants are good for your health. They can enhance the air quality in your apartment, help you relax and feel more at home, and make you happier and sleep better.

Plants are also a great way to add color and life to an otherwise drab space. And if you have the patience for it or some time on your hands, growing herbs or vegetables is easy as well.

If you have plants inside, consider adding more varieties so they don’t get lonely.

  1. Get a Screen Enclosure

Screen enclosures for apartments are a great way to enhance your privacy. They are also a good choice if you have a small apartment and don’t want to block too much of the view out of your windows or doors.

You can install screen enclosures on either window or door; they’re easy to remove when you want to open up those views again.

  1. Change the color of your walls

Wall color is one of the most crucial things you can change in your apartment. It can instantly make a space more open, airy, or cozy and inviting.

The first thing to consider is how bright the room is going to be. While bright colors might seem like they’d be great in an open space, if your apartment has a lot of windows, it will make the room feel very light and sunlit and that’s not what you want.

Try using dark or neutral colors instead. You could use black as a base and add white accents around the edges. To make things more better, you can install a retaining wall on your property.

  1. Splurge on something decorative

Decorative items are anything that you use every day. This can be small and inexpensive, whether a lamp or a vase.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, either. A decorative item doesn’t need to cost much money or take up space in your apartment. If you’re peeking for an easy way to brighten your room, consider adding an inexpensive centerpiece.


The best way to get the most out of your apartment is by being creative and thinking outside the box.

There are many ways to enhance your place. Try putting some shades on your windows or drapes around them instead of having them open all the time. Try adding decorative items like paintings or bookshelves to make it feel more like home when guests come over.