We all know that walking more can have a lot of benefits. It is an easy and free way to get exercise, it’s good for the environment to walk instead of driving, and it can also improve things like how well you sleep and reduce stress. Some people love walking and actually choose to just go out for a walk for the sake of it when they have some free time, but for other people, it isn’t really something they find all that fun.

If you don’t mind walking when you have somewhere to actually get to, but find the idea of just going out for a walk and then coming home a bit boring, then it can be easy to end up only doing it when you have to, and not getting as much activity into your day as your body really needs. Luckily, there are some ways you can make walking feel a bit more appealing, even if you’re not the outdoorsy type!

Explore Somewhere

We all tend to walk more when we are on holiday, without even realising it. This is because there are new, interesting things to see all around. While you can’t always go off on a proper day out every time you want to get some exercise, it can be a good idea to decide to walk in places that aren’t familiar to you. Yes, that can mean going out and exploring the countryside, but it could also mean visiting a different neighbourhood, town or village near you and having a walk around the shops!

Dress Up

The term ‘street style’ exists for a reason! Walking around just as an excuse to wear something you love and leave the house can be a way to make yourself feel like taking a stroll around the town centre where you live, although obviously it may be best to stick to your more casual clothing if you’re not planning on actually going out for a meal or a drink after the walk! Invest in some clothes that you really like that are also comfortable to walk around in, for example some designer trainers. SSENSE is a great high end online retailer where you can find the latest Gucci sneakers and other designer shoes that you will definitely want to get out and wear!

Have a Chat

If you can persuade a friend to come out with you, then walking will be a lot more fun. The time can just fly by when you are using going for a walk as a time to catch up. But, if you don’t have anyone around who is free for that, why not make it a rule that you go out and walk around while you are on the phone? Whether it is a work-related call or just catching up with your mother, talking gives your brain something to do while you move, and it’s a good way to multitask and get some exercise at the same time as doing something else you’d be doing anyway.

These are just three ideas to inspire you to walk more if walking isn’t really your idea of a fun activity!