When most people think of flower bulbs, they imagine bulbs that bloom in springtime. Bulbs, such as daffodils and tulip bulbs, are planted in the autumn and bloom in springtime, when they are at their most popular. Of course, springtime is another great time to grow flower bulbs. These bulbs can be planted in the spring for blooms later in the summer. The following list of the best flower bulbs for summer blooms will be very useful for novice gardeners:


One of the most popular of all summer-blooming flower bulbs, the dahlia is a flower that excites, amazes, and evokes astonishment in all who see it. According to the species and type, the flowers can be anywhere from half an inch to twelve inches in diameter. Choose dahlias with a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes to maximise your garden’s potential. You may get dahlias in various hues, from white, yellow, and pink to red, orange, and purple. Some dahlia bulbs are double, while others have just one pair of petals.


You will not go wrong with a bunch of tulip bulbs. Tulips are always a good choice for spring gardens, but there are so many different kinds that it will be hard for shoppers to choose their favourite. While shopping for tulip bulbs for sale, consider the shape and colour of the tulip type, as well as the effect you want to create in the garden. Garden visitors are delighted and drawn in to take a closer look at the rare lily flowering, double flowering, and parrot tulips. Tulips are fantastic for use in bulk plantings, border plantings, and bulb gardens. They are also very simple to grow.


Begonias, which grow in shady areas, are a welcome addition to hanging baskets, pots, and garden borders. Begonia bulbs bloom with huge, eye-catching flowers. Tuberous begonias come in a rainbow of colours, with orange, pink, yellow, white, and red being the most common. Flower shapes are not consistent. There are certain begonias that resemble camellias. Begonias grown in hanging baskets yield trailing flowers that may be either single-petaled or double-petaled. Most tuberous begonias are just 12–18 inches tall, which is why they are often grown in pots.

Calla Lilies

In the middle of summer, beautiful calla lilies begin to bloom. Florists love using them in bouquets, corsages, and all sorts of other arrangements. These flower bulbs are simple to grow and may produce blossoms for growers who want to bring fresh flowers indoors. Calla lilies are one of the best summer flowers for urban gardening as they grow well in pots. There is a wide spectrum of flower colours, from white, yellow, and orange to pink and deep purple. The average height and width of a calla lily are 12–18 inches.

Summing Up

The above list can serve as a guide when deciding what to plant in the garden this summer. The most amazing thing about summer flower bulbs is that you can plant them in the spring and always try something new in your garden.