The minimalist movement has well and truly arrived with many renovators looking for the best way to combine the minimalist and contemporary styles. Keeping spaces clean and finding simple or subtle ways to decorate is what minimalist and contemporary styles are all about. There is arguably no better room to start experimenting with these styles, than the bathroom. Bathrooms are clean and simple spaces that lend themselves perfectly to the balance of these design styles. To create the perfect contemporary minimalist bathroom space in your home, try these design tips on your project.

Find the right supplies

The minimalist and contemporary style is all about finding the right bathroom supplies. Look for a supplier with a range of finishes and fixtures so that you can visualize them in your bathroom space. A contemporary bathroom needs to be about finding finishings that introduce a level of sophistication without bringing a cluttered feel to the bathroom. Try using black fixtures or a floating vanity to create the clean lines of any contemporary design. Avoid clogging up your bathroom with unnecessary finishings like more towel racks than you need or feature pieces that add nothing to the room. Minimalist style in your bathroom means no item doesn’t serve a distinct purpose.

Tile with purpose

Achieving a truly striking contemporary design in your bathroom can be done with the right tiling. Contemporary design is all about striking angles and geometric patterns. Given the bathroom is a wet space, the easiest way to get that geometric pattern is with the right tile. Geometric tiles are the best way to bring a contemporary feel to your bathroom design. They often come in sheets and are easier to apply than individual tiles. 

The design of the tiles introduces striking angles and geometric patterns that will make your bathroom feel like a minimalist contemporary dream. Depending on your budget, you’ll find a suitable array of tiles that can range anywhere from $74 to over $100 per square meter. Despite the price, you certainly won’t regret the final product or the beautiful new feel of your bathroom.

Storage is key

In any good bathroom, storage is an important element, in a minimalist contemporary bathroom, it’s everything. For a bathroom to truly be minimalist or contemporary, everything must have its place, so storage is very important. Consider how you might design your space to include storage capacity that isn’t immediately obvious. Vanity draws that look clean rather than bulky, or even cabinetry behind the mirror, so long as it is hidden in the design. Avoid bulky storage cupboards or adding any additional pieces of furniture into the room, this will add clutter and ruin the minimalist style. 

If your budget will stretch, consider how you may create storage opportunities in any empty spaces or wall cavities. Hidden or handle less storage is the perfect solution for a minimalist contemporary bathroom. 

Build in where possible

In most bathroom designs it’s likely you’ll find an additional wall built on or attached to part of the bathroom. A shower shelf is the perfect example of this kind of building and design. If you’re trying to achieve a minimalist contemporary design, don’t build on it, build in. If you’re adding a shelf in your shower, for example, avoid adding it onto the wall, instead build into it. Carve out a shelf in the wall before the tiling is done and then tile the hole as your shelf. This look is very contemporary and the finished product is a built-in shelf that has the sharp lines and angles of a contemporary shower. 

Avoid clunky items

In a minimalist contemporary design, you want to avoid clunky items of furniture in your bathroom. Try not to put shelving units or draws in the bathroom as they will ruin the aesthetic of the design. Look for ways to incorporate storage in other areas of the house close to the bathroom. Linen closets are ideal for storage close to, but not in the bathroom. Keep the bathroom simple and ensure that only what has to be in the room, is in it. A great tip is to review your design and interrogate each item to better understand if something serves a purpose and needs to be there. 

A minimalist contemporary bathroom when done right is a beautiful sight in any home. The clean lines and subtle finishes make it one of the most inviting rooms in the house. There are many pitfalls to watch out for in your design though. Making sure you don’t overcomplicate or overfill your bathroom with unnecessary design features is critical. Many bathroom designs forget that for a room to be truly minimalist, everything must have its place. If you’re taking on a bathroom redesign and renovation hoping to achieve a minimalist contemporary space, use this guide to avoid the pitfalls in your home.