What kid doesn’t love to pretend to be ‘grown-up’? Young children spend a lot of time mimicking the adults they look up to and wishing they could be just like their older friends and siblings. An electric motorcycle is a great way to give adventurous kids the independence they crave without compromising their safety.

Choosing a children’s motorcycle can be a daunting and confusing task, especially if you are not sure what to look for. Here we will look at a few of the best electric motorcycles on the market in detail and discuss all the things you need to consider when shopping for one yourself. These children’s motorcycles are designed and made with children’s safety and enjoyment in mind.


Our Top 12 Kids’ Electric Motorcycles Reviewed in Detail

Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Chopper


Age: Best for Ages 3-6

Speed: 1.2-2.5 mph

Battery: 12V

Max Load: 55lbs

This three-wheeled ride on motorcycle is styled like a chopper for kids. It comes with a high backed seat and long handlebars which mimic the appearance of a full sized motorcycle. It has a wide base, making it feel stable and secure, and comes with a host of child-friendly features which only add to its appeal.

The power is controlled through a simple button and two switches provide speed and direction control for the young rider. There is a built in music feature and a plug to attach your own MP3 so your child can listen to their favorite music or audiobooks while they play. The vibrant red color is eye-catching and attractive and LED lights on the front, rear, and sides of the bike add a touch of realism and make it practical to ride after dark.

The manufacturer recommended age for this is 3+ and the weight limit is 55lbs. It does not feel especially sturdy so it is probably not a good idea to push the limits of the upper recommended weight. The two speeds are quite slow and great for smaller children but older kids are likely to want something faster long before they physically outgrow this vehicle.

Charging is simple and, once charged, the battery will last for over an hour at a time so it’s great for family walks and play sessions in the yard. The bike does require assembly and, while instructions are included, they are not as clear as they could be. Read through carefully and check the parts are present before you start to avoid confusion.

If this bike has one fault it is that the build feels somewhat flimsy; the plastic does not feel as if it will stand up to heavy use. Having said that, it is a good value toy at a relatively low price; perfect for use in the yard or at the park.


  • Built-in music
  • Bright lights
  • Bold red color
  • Feels safe


  • Flimsy – not the best quality plastic
  • A bit slow for older kids
  • Poor instructions

This eye-catching toy motorcycle is a great choice for young kids. It comes with some good features; the two speeds are especially useful for young children who want to start slow and speed up once they build their confidence. It’s a great value little vehicle which should serve your child well for several years before they outgrow it.


Best Choice Products 6V Kids Electric Battery Powered Ride-On Motorcycle Dirt Bike


Age: Best for Ages 3-5

Speed: 2 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 44lbs

Another motorcycle for very young children, this one has a top speed of 2 mph so you can feel confident that your toddler is able to use it safely. The manufacturer recommends that this bike is suitable for ages 3-8 but the upper weight limit is 44lbs so this needs to be taken into consideration. In reality, it is best suited for younger children; older kids will soon outgrow the 2 mph speed and want something a little faster.

Available in bold red and bright green, this toy bike is made to look like a real dirt bike. It includes several realistic looking features to enhance realism. The plastic tires have convincing looking treads and there is a visible ‘sports engine’ and an exhaust pipe. A pair of training wheels flanking the back tire aid balance for younger children who need the reassurance of a safety net. These may need tightening from time to time to avoid them falling off; they can be removed completely when the child builds enough confidence to go without.

The bike is started and stopped with a small button located near the right-hand grip. This gives the young rider complete control over the movement; they can start or stop simply and quickly at any time. This makes the bike a great choice for less confident children who need to feel in control. Any panic or movement which causes them to release the button will make the bike stop immediately so you (and they) can be assured that they are safe while using it.


  • Removable training wheels
  • Working headlights
  • Built-in music
  • Choice of colors


  • Once (slow) speed only
  • Does not feel very sturdy

The slow speed of this electric bike makes it an ideal choice for a child’s first motorcycle. Parents can easily keep pace and walk alongside to supervise a less confident child closely at all times. With its colorful decals, working headlights, and built-in music, this electric motorcycle is a feast for the senses; young kids will love it and enjoy being the center of attention as they show off their new toy.


MIGOTOYS Trike Motorcycle Powered Ride on Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 1-3

Speed: 2 mph

Battery: 6V

Made for preschoolers, aged 1-3 years, the MIGOTOYS Motorcycle Trike is aimed at a younger age group than others on our list. The three wide wheels make it sturdy enough to feel safe in the hands of small children and the relatively slow upper-speed limit means that it is easy for a parent to walk or run alongside in order to keep close to the action.

With its cool orange finish and realistic looking handlebars, this toy motorcycle looks enough like the real thing to make its rider look and feel like the coolest kid out there. There is even a realistic motorcycle sound when it starts up and a horn button to alert people that a young racer is coming through!

The speed of the motorcycle is controlled by an accelerator pedal, giving the rider a feeling of control as they mimic their favorite racing driver. Switches are used to control movement and direction: forward, backward, start and stop. The slow speed makes it a perfect choice for a very small child but might become boring as they get older.

Charging the battery is simple – the charger just plugs into the side of the bike – and the charge lasts for a reasonable amount of time. The headlights come on and off with the bike; there is no option to control them separately. This means that there is no danger of losing sight of your child if they play in the yard in the dark; the bright lights ensure that they are the center of attention at all times! However, the lights can be a little annoying for indoor play so an option to control them separately would have been nice.


  • Realistic sound effects
  • Suitable for very young children
  • Easy to use the foot pedal


  • Slightly flimsy build
  • Too slow for older children
  • No separate control for headlights

This is a good size and style or motorcycle to suit children from the age of one to around three. This makes it our top choice for parents who want to give their youngster the earliest possible start into the world of motorbikes. The controls are simple, even for very young children, and the foot pedal gives them an easy way to control the speed. It looks really great and the bright orange color and very realistic sound effects are an added bonus.


Uenjoy Kids Electric Ride On Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 3-8

Speed: 1.8-3.2 mph

Battery: 12V

Max Load: 66lbs

With an upper weight limit of 66lbs, this motorcycle will suit a larger age range than the previous models. The manufacturers suggest 3-8 years. It also has a higher speed available; the foot pedal control allows the rider to select speeds between 1.8 and 3.2 mph. This makes the Uenjoy Motorcycle a great choice for slightly older children or those who prefer to be a little more adventurous.

Available in a choice of black, white, blue or red, the Uenjoy ride-on is a large style motorcycle toy which looks a lot like the real deal. The main wheels are wide and chunky and the addition of two training wheels on the rear ensure that the cycle will not easily fall over if the rider becomes unbalanced. It also has a suspension system for a nice smooth ride, although this is not really necessary on the smooth surfaces which the bike prefers; it does not run at all well on grass or uneven ground.

There are a few nice extras which add a bit of interest to this bike. An MP3 player USB attachment enables you to play music or stories while your child plays on this. Lights and a horn add a touch of realism and the power is controlled by a key, which is a really nice touch and a very ‘grown-up’ feature which will please many children.

Charging time for this model is 8-12 hours so it is best charged overnight or during the school day, ready for play in the afternoon or evening. The battery lasts about an hour; perfect for short play sessions for smaller children. Older children who want to play for a longer period might find this frustrating.

The instructions which come with this model are not great – they seem to refer to another similar model so are not entirely accurate. However, assembly is not difficult and, with the help of the instructions, should not take very long.


  • USB attachment
  • Key control
  • Realistic lights and horn
  • Forward and reverse action


  • Poor instructions
  • Long charging time

With its removable training wheels and a decent upper weight limit, this motorcycle is a great choice for slightly older children who would find one of the other models boring or too slow. It looks great and has a couple of nice touches which add realism to the design.


Racing Style Kids Ride-On Motorcycle Toy for Kids


Age: Best for Ages 3-6

Speed: 2-4 mph

Battery: 12V

Max Load: 66lbs

The sleek white body of this bike comes with a choice of blue, red or pink features and the bike displays a cool ‘Street Racer’ decal on the side. The racing style motorcycle will appeal to kids who yearn to be fast and the two speeds (2 and 4 mph) give them a little more flexibility to ‘race’ than the single speed toy motorcycles. It looks just like a race bike, apart from the addition of two removable training wheels on the side. These offer added stability for young children and reassurance that they will not tip over while riding.

The charging time for this bike is a relatively short 6-8 hours and the run time from a full charge is up to 1.5 hours – more than many similar electric motorcycles offer. Power is controlled by a simple ON/OFF button; speed (high or low) and direction (forward or reverse) are selected by separate switches near the handles. A foot pedal lets the rider control the acceleration of the bike in motion. There are also separate switches for the front, rear and wheel lights so that the young rider has full control over everything.

A soft, PU leather seat and spring shock absorber make the bike a comfortable ride and the soft tires are made from EVA foam rubber rather than the usual plastic, giving little riders a smooth journey over uneven ground.

Extra features include a choice of music options: audio can be played from a Micro SD card, USB Drive or external devices such as iPods or phones. There is also a realistic horn sound to warn pedestrians of your presence! Assembly is minimal and very easy; the motorcycle should be ready to ride soon after opening the box.


  • Choice of three colors
  • Lights are controlled separately
  • Multiple sound and music options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Short charging time


  • Higher price than others on our list

This is one of the more expensive motorcycles we have looked at but it does come with a few quality features which make it worth a look, even at the higher price. A 12-month warranty covers replacement parts, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that the manufacturers will stand behind their product. Overall, this is definitely one of the best kids’ electric motorcycles we have included here and comes highly recommended.


Hoverheart Kids Electric Power Motorcycle 6V Ride On Bike


Age: Best for Ages 3-12

Speed: 1.8-3.2 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 70lbs

This mini electric motorcycle comes in black and either red or blue. The bike looks very realistic: a regular motorbike in a small size. However, there is a child-friendly addition in the form of small training wheels to help maintain balance and prevent falls.

The large wheels on this motorcycle have a circle of blue LED lights which light up the bike and emit a bright glow around it. It looks fantastic in a darkened room, or when ridden outside in the evening. There are also headlights which light up the path ahead and add realism to the bike.

The range of speeds is decent, with a top speed of 3.2 miles per hour, which should appeal to slightly older children who like to go a little bit faster. The upper weight limit is also higher than many similar toys, meaning that this motorcycle has a much wider range of appeal and should keep your child entertained for many years. Speed is controlled by a foot pedal so it is easy for young kids to get to grips with and gives them a lot of control over their movement. They can also move both forward and backward.

Assembly is fiddly and the instructions are not clear so be prepared to spend some time working on putting it together – if the bike is meant for a gift it is worth getting it ready beforehand to avoid a long wait for an excited child! Once assembled it looks great and feels sturdy; it’s ideal for growing children who will get a lot of use from it over the years.

Charging time for this battery powered motorcycle is 10-12 hours so it can be powered up overnight and ready for play in the morning.


  • Bright LED lights
  • Training wheels for safety
  • Realistic motorcycle appearance


  • Fiddly to assemble
  • Long charging time

Overall, this is a nice child’s motorcycle with a simple appearance which should last for many years without losing its appeal. It’s a great choice for siblings of different ages who prefer their things to match and its sturdy build means that they should get plenty of use out of it. The only real drawback of this cycle is the time-consuming assembly. However, that only has to be done once so is definitely worth the effort.


Costzon Ride On Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 3-5

Speed: 1.8 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 55lbs

The recommended age range for this motorcycle is 3-7 years but in reality is it likely to be too small and slow for older children and is probably best suited to under 5s. It is designed to be ridden of a smooth flat surface so is ideal for a yard or pathway; the slow speed means that an adult can walk alongside without too much trouble. It can also be used indoors on a hard floor.

The Costzon ride on motorcycle is available in a choice of five bright colors – red, blue, black, silver and pink – so each child can choose their favorite (and squabbling among siblings can be avoided). The rechargeable battery is 6V and a full charge will give around 40 minutes of continuous play.

One of the coolest features of this battery powered trike is the little storage compartment. This enables the young child to take responsibility for their own small coat, water bottle or toys when out on family outings.

A grooved texture along the outside of the wheels provides grip and the three-wheel structure give the bike a stable base to make even the least confident child feel secure. Despite the three-wheel design, there are several realistic looking features, including a dashboard display and bright working headlight. The bike is powered with a simple ON/OFF button and a switch with options for ‘Forward’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Back’. The speed is controlled with a foot pedal. There are also dashboard buttons for the built-in music and horn sounds; your toddler will love listening to the tunes and sounding the horn to warn family members of their presence.


  • Stable three-wheeled design
  • Choice of five colors
  • Music and horn sound effects


  • Slow top speed of 1.8 mph
  • No volume control

The small size and slow speed of this bike mean that it is best suited to young children; older ones will probably want something speedier and more adventurous. However, for a youngster, it is a great choice – very sturdy and stable on its three wheelbase and slow enough to allow an accompanying adult to keep pace and supervise without too much trouble. The little storage compartment is a handy addition to the design and the range of colors means that it is a great gift for siblings who like to have their own separate toys.


Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike


Age: Best for Ages 14+

Speed: 15 mph

Max Load: 175lbs

Inspired by Motorcross champion Jeremy McGrath, this battery powered dirt bike has a lot to offer ambitious young riders. The shape, colors and graphics are all designed to make it look as authentic as possible and closely mimic the bike of the famous racer.

With three 12V batteries, this dirt bike is considerably more powerful than the others we have looked at. It is suitable for young teens that have outgrown their child’s bikes and are looking for something with a little more speed. The dual suspension and a twist grip throttle all combine to give them the racing experience they have dreamed of, with a top speed of 15mhp – considerably higher than that of most children’s electric bikes.

The bikes pneumatic tires measure 16” (front) and 14” (rear), and are made with motorcycle specific treads for a great grip even at speed. Steel handlebars with rubber handles provide good grip and the retractable kickstand and folding foot pegs make the bike easy to handle. The disc brakes provide good stopping power, though they may need adjusting as they have a tendency to become very squeaky. Everything about this bike is an authentic, scaled-down version of a real motocross ride.

This bike does need assembly and comes with everything you need in the box. It is not difficult to put together – assembly takes around 20-30 minutes – but the bike is relatively heavy so it might require two people to do the job properly. Charging time is around 12 hours and a full battery lasts for 40+ minutes.

One of the best things about this bike, when compared to other children’s electric bikes, is its ability to handle different kinds of terrain. It is built for use in dirt and handles bumps and hills with ease. The clean design and closed engine system leaves nowhere for twigs and brush (or clothing) to snag and makes it easy to clean off dirt at the end of a muddy race.


  • Authentic motocross design
  • Knobby tires for grip
  • 15 mph max speed


  • Squeaky disc brakes
  • Fiddly to put together

The manufacturer recommends a minimum age limit of 14 for this motorbike but many buyers have reported that younger teens are able to handle and enjoy it. It is a great next step for kids who have outgrown smaller bikes and are confident and capable enough to drive something with a little more power. It is very well built and feels solid and sturdy with a good weight limit; it should last a teenage child through to adulthood.


HONEY JOY Kids Ride On Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 1-3

Speed: 1.5 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 66lbs

The Honey Joy Kids Ride-On Motorcycle is aimed at toddlers and very young children. Its 6V battery provides enough power for a small child to enjoy riding it on smooth surfaces, both indoors and out, although it runs far better on concrete than on wood flooring. While the weight capacity goes up to 66lds, it is likely to be far too small and slow to provide much excitement for older children.

The chunky build looks and feels quite stable so you needn’t worry about balance; most little ones will have no problem staying in place on the wide plastic seat. The Honey Joy tricycle is also very low to the ground so easy to hop on and off, even for the smallest of little legs! The handlebars are wide and provide plenty for small hands to hang on to and the foot pedal control is easy to operate.

Charging time for this battery motorcycle is around 8-12 hours so it needs to be plugged in well in advance of play. The battery charger plugs directly into the side of the bike. If it is intended as a gift then fully charging it the day before is probably a good plan. A full charge lasts around 40 minutes: plenty of time for a preschooler to enjoy it in the yard or on a short family outing to the park.

The Honey Joy tricycle’s wide wheels and solid body give it a sturdy appearance but it lacks the realistic details which many of the other kids’ motorcycles reviewed in this article feature. There is no mistaking it for anything other than a child’s toy. However, the printed decals on the side look good and the bright colors are designed to appeal to young riders. It’s available in bright pink and vivid red so you can choose the color to suit your child.


  • Small size suitable for preschoolers
  • Low price
  • Wide and stable
  • Choice of two colors


  • Basic design
  • Does not run well on wood floors
  • Long charging time

If you are looking for a realistic looking motorcycle toy for a young motor racing fan then look elsewhere. However, if you want a first electric vehicle toy for a toddler then this is a decent choice at an attractively low price point.


3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle for Kids


Age: Best for Ages 2-4

Speed: 3 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 50lbs

This three-wheeled motorcycle is designed to look like a full sized chopper bike in miniature. It comes in classic black or dark red and has some eye-catching features. Sticker decals in the shape of flames, stars, and the words ‘Wild Child’ decorate the sides and chrome colored details create the look of a real motorcycle.

Three wide plastic wheels offer a stable base for young children to ride on and an easy to use foot pedal gives them control of the speed. The recommended age range for this toy is 2-4 years; older children will probably enjoy the visual appeal but find the 3mph speed a little too slow. The upper weight limit is 50lbs.

A separate battery compartment behind the handles powers the lights and sounds; this is not very easy to get to so it’s best to insert the batteries before assembling the rest of the bike. Horn and bike engine sound effects are also powered by these batteries; they are great for small children but not very realistic. There is no volume control; the sounds and music are either on or off.

The switches for the lights, horn, and forward or reverse are all easily accessible at the front of the bike so the young rider has full control of everything. The charging cable attaches to the side of the bike; it should be fully charged before the first use so it is a good idea to do this in advance, before giving it to the child.

The plastic body is easy to wipe clean between uses so great if your child is inclined to get muddy! As far as quality goes, this product definitely feels cheaper than some others. The plastic does not feel especially strong, but it does the job.


  • Striking color and stickers
  • Three wheels for stability
  • Easy to use controls


  • Separate battery compartment for lights is not easy to access
  • Poor quality sounds

Overall, this is a decent child’s toy bike which will probably delight younger children with its flashy stickers and 3mph speed. It is not the best quality on the market, but this is reflected in the price. It’s a good option for young children who are ready for their first electric motorcycle, especially if you are shopping on a limited budget.


Costzon Kids Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 3-8

Speed: 1.3-2.6 mph

Battery: 6V

Max Load: 66lbs

This red and black three-wheeled bicycle comes with real light-up headlights and convincing motorcycle sounds to provide the best experience for young riders. The design and build is rugged enough to stand up to children’s play and the three thick wheels provide a stable and sturdy base which keeps the motorcycle from falling or becoming unbalanced.

The big seat is comfortable to sit on and the wide handlebars provide a good grip for small hands. Speed is controlled by a foot pedal and a simple ON/OFF button; a forward/reverse switch controls the movement. Suitable for use on hard flat surfaces, this battery-powered motorcycle is ideal for play in the yard or at the park; it’s fast enough to be enjoyable for young racers and slow enough for parents to supervise safely. It runs well on hard surfaces and even moves on relatively flat grass and gravel. It does not work as well on smooth wooden floors as the wheels do not have enough grip to turn easily on a slippery surface.

The ride can be accompanied by sound, either from the impressive and realistic horn effect or the integrated MP3 player and USB connection, which enables your child to play their choice of music or story while they ride. The lights are bright and draw attention easily when used in the dark.

Instructions are included in the box, which also contains everything you need to build and start using the toy. Assembly is simple and quick compared to others on this list and charging time is average, at around 8-12 hours. The battery charger plugs into a small hole on the bike, near one of the foot pedals, so it’s easy and convenient to plug in and leave.


  • Sturdy build
  • Nice bright colors
  • USB attachment for your own music
  • Speed control pedal is easy to use
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Does not do well on wood floors
  • Simple design lacks some realism

At a slightly higher price point than some or the other motorcycles on this list, the Costzon battery powered kids cycle still provides really good value for money. The plastic feels solid and the balance is good, even for smaller kids. It does not have the small details which make some of the motorcycles for older kids look so realistic but it is a great toy with plenty to enjoy for younger children.


12V Police Motorcycle


Age: Best for Ages 5-9

Speed: 2.5 – 5 mph

Battery: 12V

Max Load: 110lbs

What does your child want to do when they grow up? If they’ve ever dreamed of being a cop then this is the toy for them. This motorcycle is styled like a police vehicle, making it the ideal choice for little law enforcers who can’t wait to get started! It’s a great choice for playing with siblings, though anyone willing to join in the game is likely to end up ‘arrested’ by the newest law enforcer in town!

Everything about this vehicle has been carefully designed to make it look and feel real: from the shape of the bike to the lights, color, and decals. Law enforcement games are enhanced by several realistic police sound effects which are controlled by buttons on the dashboard. There are also working headlights and tail lights, and signal and hazard lights which add an extra touch of realism.

It’s worth noting that these effects are not powered by the rechargeable battery but by an extra, regular battery which needs to be added to the compartment. If the lights and sirens are left on when the bike is not used then they will drain this battery.

This electric motorcycle has two forward speeds: 2.5 mph and 5 mph. It also has a reverse gear with a maximum speed of 2.5 mph. The acceleration is controlled with a hand throttle. Confident children aged 5 and over will enjoy the extra speed while feeling safe and secure on the wide comfortable seat. The rechargeable battery is 12V and provides plenty of power; the bike can even manage small hills with a rider on board. A full charge will last about an hour.

A storage compartment at the back of the bike is a good size for carrying a water bottle, a small coat, or extra toys on patrol.


  • Realistic Police motorcycle design
  • Working signal and hazard lights
  • Toy storage compartment


  • Extra batteries needed for sound effects

This working police motorcycle is absolutely fantastic for children who enjoy playing ‘cops and robbers’ with siblings. It comes with full instructions and is pretty easy to assemble. It’s definitely recommended for older children because of the size and speed; while it is quite stable it does feel faster than most of the other electric bikes listed here and smaller children are unlikely to have the size or confidence to handle it safely.

Electric Kids’ Motorcycle Buying Guide

When you are shopping for a child’s toy your first priority will be choosing something that the child will love – after all, if they don’t enjoy it then the purchase is pointless. But when you’re spending a little more on something which needs power to work, with moving parts and extra features, there is suddenly a lot more to think about. How fast is it? Is it safe? Is it big/small enough for my child? Does it light up? How noisy is it? This buying guide will look at a few of the different options available to you and explore in detail what you need to consider before choosing an electric kids’ motorcycle

The Basics: Why Buy an Electric Kids’ Motorcycle?

A traditional pedal bike is a great way for children to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. However, many kids long for something more. They want to ride a motorcycle in the same way as a much-admired family member or motorcycle racing hero.

Luckily, there are a growing number of electric bikes on the market which are made specifically for children as young as one. They are powered by a rechargeable battery which can be plugged into a normal electric outlet and is made to look as much like real motorcycles as possible. Most have a very limited range of speeds: fast enough to thrill a young rider and slow enough to reassure parents that they are safe.

The Benefits of an Electric Motorcycle for Children

There are many benefits of motorcycles for small children. These include coordination and balance, developing confidence and independence, and the simple joy of playing outside. Here we look at a few of the best reasons to choose an electric motorcycle for your child.

Develops Confidence

Being in charge of their own bike can give children feelings of confidence and independence as they start to take control of their own little world. When they realism that they can control the movement and direction themselves their confidence will grow along with their skill.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Steering the motorcycle helps to develop hand and eye coordination and controlling the speed via a button or pedal helps children with motor skills and dexterity. Sitting on the moving vehicle requires balance, especially for larger models with small stabilizer wheels.

The Cool Factor!

Many children’s motorcycles attempt to mimic the real thing, with realistic looking builds and extra features such as horns and lights. Kids who have seen older family members or friends with their own motorcycles will be thrilled to feel so grown up.

When you shop for an electric motorcycle it is important to keep these benefits in mind to ensure that the product you select meets your child’s needs.

What to look for in a Child’s Electric Motorcycle

The price of an electric motorcycle can range from around $50 to several hundred dollars. They can be a substantial purchase and should last for several years so getting the details right is important. Before you start shopping, take a few minutes to decide on your budget and what you expect from a purchase; this can help you to avoid costly mistakes. Here we will take a close look at some of the most common features of children’s electric motorcycles to help you decide.

Age Range

The first (and perhaps most important) factor to consider is the age and size of the child you are buying it for. If they are too big to enjoy it or too small to handle it safely then your carefully planned purchase could prove to be a big disappointment.

Always check the suggested age range of the motorcycle you are considering (this will be clearly displayed on the product listing or packaging) and check out buyer reviews where possible. Some claim to span a wide range of ages but in reality, they might be unsuitable for those at either end of the scale, due to size or speed.

For example, a three-year-old will usually have very different needs to an eight-year-old, but some motorcycles claim to be suitable for both so it’s worth looking closely at both the manufacturer’s recommendations and the experiences of other customers for the particular product you are considering. Take note of the sizes and speeds too; these can both affect their suitability.

Age Ranges:

1-3 years – Small, three-wheeled bikes with chunky handles for toddlers to grip. These are slow and stable vehicles with easy controls and novelty sound effects.

3-8 years – Motorcycles in this age range may have two or three wheels and speeds will vary. There is a lot more variety and speeds may range from 1.5-3+ mph.

8+ – Motorcycles aimed at older children are likely to be much bigger and faster and will be unsuitable for younger children. Safety equipment is advised.

If you want a toy which will last your child for many years then choose one which suits a wide range of ages. However, be careful not to pick a bike which is too advanced for your little one as it could be dangerous if they are unable to handle it.

The bikes we have explored in this article are aimed predominantly at young children; toddlers as young as one can enjoy some of them while others are aimed at older children, with higher speeds and more realistic features.


Battery powered motorcycles for very young children tend to have a three-wheeled design, with chunky handlebars and very simple controls. They will be difficult to topple and feel safe and secure for young riders who are slowly developing their confidence.

Bikes for older children often have two wheels, and stabilizers to help with balance. These are great for kids who are beginning to feel more in control and test their limits. Young teens may be ready for miniature two-wheeled dirt bikes; no extra balance required.


The speed of the motorcycle is another important factor to consider. Some of the smaller models max out at 2 mph. This is ideal for a toddler who needs close parental supervision at all times but less suited to a slightly older and more confident child who will soon become bored and want to go faster.

Two-speed motorcycles with a maximum of 3+ mph might cost a little more but are also likely to hold a child’s interest for longer and see them through several years of play. For older kids, you might prefer to consider a battery-powered dirt bike; the one we selected for review has speeds up to 15mph.


This will be top of most parents’ lists, you want your child to have fun but need to know that they are safe while they do it! Luckily, most bikes for smaller children are made with safety in mind. Here are a few things to look for.

Check that the bike feels stable. A small child will need a low bike which they can easily climb onto. It also needs to be stable enough to stay upright, even if the rider is a bit wobbly! Consider a three-wheeled bike with a wide seat for a very young child; older children will be happier with a more traditional looking two-wheeled bike, perhaps with the addition of training wheels for security.

Slow maximum speed can be important if your child needs to be closely supervised; the slowest electric bikes run at about 2 mph so an adult can keep pace with them easily.

Automatic brakes are a handy feature, especially for a less confident child who may panic and forget to press the brake themselves. Look for a bike which comes to a stop automatically when the accelerator button or pedal is released.

Buy and use appropriate safety equipment. It’s never too early to start learning good habits so a helmet is essential.

Battery Life

Most electric bikes will need several hours to charge fully – between 6 and 12 is usual – and some are best left overnight. Once they are fully charged you should expect at least 40-60 minutes continuous use from them. Read the manufacturers’ specifications for the expected lifespan and check user reviews for the reality; some cheaper bikes do not hold a charge as well as they should.

Many bikes include lights and sounds which are sometimes operated from a second set of regular batteries. Be aware that these can run out quickly if they are not switched off properly when the bike is not in use.


A mini motorcycle is a fun toy which is likely to become a firm favorite with your child for several years. It’s also a great toy to pass down to siblings or friends so a long-lasting and hard-wearing build is a definite bonus. Unfortunately, many of the cheapest models do not appear to be built to last; poor quality materials and brittle plastic are used to keep the price down and some start to show cracks and wear as soon as they are used. It’s definitely worth spending a little more with a reputable manufacturer to get a decent quality product which really will stand the test of time. Look for a decent warranty for reassurance that the manufacturer is happy to stand behind their product.


Small children are still developing their motor skills and coordination so overly complex controls will prove difficult for them to handle. Many small electric motorcycles will have switches to control different lights, sounds and power, and selecting the wrong ones can be frustrating for toddlers. In contrast, older children will want to have full control over everything.

Controls should be simple and easy to distinguish: look for a separate ON/OFF button and consider whether a foot pedal to control the speed will suit your child.


Once you have decided on the essential features you can start looking at the little extras which will make the toy perfect for your child. You might be able to choose their favorite from a range of bright colors or select a motorcycle with a theme or favorite character. Some come with stickers or decals to modify them; alternatively, you could choose a plain design and let your child add their own stickers to personalize their ride.

Extra Features

Some bikes come with working headlights and tail lights. Some have side lights, wheel lights, and even hazard lights. Some have horn or siren noises which activate at the touch of a button. Others have built-in music, or the option to add your own via USB. Look out for the little add-ons which add more fun or extra realism.


Once you know what you are looking for, shopping becomes a lot easier and selecting the ideal battery-powered electric motorcycle will be simple. Choose well and your child is guaranteed to have many years of pleasure as they grow!