Let’s cut to the chase: bladeless fans are designed to make the tedious task of cooling a breeze. They operate with minimal noise, are safe for your kids, and make your house stay cool all year-round with low maintenance. What’s more, they are easy to clean and complement any décor. The style, size and intended use will determine how effective the fan will cool your environment. With technology moving at breakneck speed, you may be overwhelmed by the available options.

To help you choose the right bladeless fan, we have compiled this list of our top 7 best bladeless fans as well as summarized for you a buying guide on choosing the bladeless fan.

Without further ado, here are our picks for the best bladeless fans.

Reviews of the Best Bladeless Fan

pureFlow QT7- Bladeless 90 degree Oscillation Fan

PureFlow QT7- Bladeless 90 degree Oscillation Fan uses air multiplier technology to help you stay cool during the summer months. It has a unique oscillation feature that brings out rich elegance that you cannot find in other units.

The pureFlow QT7 bladeless fan comes with a sleek and futuristic design that will catch the eyes of your guests at home. It has 8 feet cord which allows cool air to fill the entire room. More interestingly, the body is made of durable plastic that won’t crack easily. The bladeless design also makes it the safest alternative to the traditional
counterparts. You can keep it around your home without worrying about your
little ones. Better still, it has a stable base so it won’t fall over if accidentally nudged.

This product is designed with the 90-degree vertical tilt and 90 horizontal oscillations which offer multi-directional airflow. This means the fan can move from left to right or straight up to the ceiling. But, if you want to direct the airflow to a specific spot you should turn off the oscillation feature. Like most of the fans, this bladeless fan has a remote control which allows you to adjust the speed and oscillations from the comfort of your couch.

While most bladeless fans come with 3-4 speed settings, this unit is fitted with 12-speed fan settings to give a full gust of cool air. To adjust the settings, you simply use the remote provided. If you want to cool down a large area, you’ll definitely appreciate
this feature. On the highest power setting, the fan uses only 22 watts. And with as little as 2 watts, it provides twice the circulation speed of normal fans.

Unlike the traditional fans where you have to unscrew the blades to clean the grill, cleaning the QT7 is straightforward. Just take a wet cloth and wipe the outside surface. PureFlow QT7 also comes with a timer that you can set it to operate between 1-9 hours and it will automatically shut off. This feature comes in handy when you want the fan to operate for a specific period at night.

This fan is rated at 13 dB at the lowest level which is quiet for a library setting. And when it’s operating at top speed, it produces about 30 dB. You can use also use it on your bedroom without interfering with your sleep, especially on the 1st to 4th speed.


  • Comes with a unique futuristic look
  • Saves energy by up to 80%
  • Convenient controls
  • Lightweight – you can move it around with ease without additional help
  • Suitable for space-starved homeowners
  • Offers the perfect mix of quiet operation and powerful airflow
  • Easy to clean


  • The backlight can be annoying if you’re trying to catch some sleep


This bladeless fan is one of the best visually appealing units in the market. The bladeless design makes it the perfect unit to use in households with children or pets. What’s more, it provides up to 12 airflow speeds to suit the user’s needs. Above all, it’s quieter and easy to clean. Without a doubt, this unit is the cutting edge of what a modern fan should look like.

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Dyson 300906-01 Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

In October 2009, James Dyson’s consumer electronics company, known for its cordless vacuum cleaners, introduced a new cooling device to the market called the Dyson Air Multiplier. The company utilizes similar technology to the stuff that powers the vacuums. And you can tell – they’re built out of the same slim, high-quality plastic.

This type of fan has a very unique design that helps to provide a strong air output with minimum noise interference. Unlike the traditional fan, the Air Multiplier works without any potentially hazardous spinning blades, making it safe for pets and children.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is a modern yet sophisticated device that leaves no details untouched. Besides that, it’s lightweight and does not take too much floor space. Dyson is also fitted with a 6.5 ft cord which allows you to position it close to where you need cool air. Even better, the smoother airflow allows the fan to run smoothly which extends its life. It uses bladeless fan technology to give cool air. What’s more, it’s powerful and energy efficient. The unit is offered in three colors including iron blue, black nickel, and silver white.

While the fan oscillates at 90-degree angle, you may have to support it at the base to make it stable. AM07 comes with a remote control that is curved and magnetized. It can be stored on top of the fan, which is convenient.

The fan uses Air multiplier technology to ensure there is a steam of uninterrupted airflow. The air passes through the annular aperture and airfoil-shaped ramp to create a high-velocity jet of air. Another interesting feature is that the fan is whisper quiet even at the highest level compared to other models in the segment. According to the manufacturer, this unit is 60% quieter than the AM02 sibling. This means you can run the unit when asleep.

Apart from being quiet, the engineers have reduced the turbulence to ensure less energy is used. Better still, the motor is calibrated to run slowly which saves up to 20% of your electricity bills. To operate the fan, simply turn it on and set the oscillation level. Dyson has ten different power settings to fine-tune the air. Speed one is gentle while speed ten will give instant cooling. This feature comes in handy during those summer months.

Unlike the traditional fans, there are no grills or grates to maneuver while cleaning. Simply clean the ridge using a micro cloth fiber and then vacuum the dust around the base. The unit can be programmed to turn off at different intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. In case you’re asleep, you don’t have to wake up to switch it off at night. This feature also satisfies people who are energy conscious.


  • No moving blades making it the best alternative for allergy sufferers
  • Looks great and is durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up – the fan has 3 parts (the motor, base, and loop amplifier) to assemble which takes just a few seconds
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Cannot be operated without a remote control


Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is a high-tech device that works wonders. It combines bladeless design and innovative technology to send cool air up to 6 meters. It can oscillate to blow the fresh air out in all directions. Other than that, the narrow design makes the unit to fit in tight spaces including kitchen top counters, bedrooms, and offices. This unit gives real value for money thanks to the brilliant engineering.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier

As good as fans can be for helping blow the cool and fresh air around your body, if you want to make the air around your home healthier then you need an air purifier. Fortunately, this bladeless model from Dyson can do both jobs. It is a smart fan and air purifier that can keep your body cool and your air pure. This device is the first in the new range of Link devices that have Wi-Fi and connect to Dyson’s Link app on Android or IOS.

Dyson has said that this model can automatically remove allergens and pollutants from the air within minutes using an array of sensors, a 360-degree glass HEPA filter, and a motor. It also claims to be able to capture pollutants as small as .3 microns in size, including fumes from cleaning solvents, mold, and pet hair. The filter has activated carbon that takes care of chemicals and smells, giving this unit an Asthma and Allergy-friendly Certification.

In the manual for the Cool Link, Dyson specifies that the HEPA filter should be changed manually every 12 months but it’s actually anywhere between 8 to 12 months depending on your usage.

The Dyson Pure cool link air purifier comes with an impressive Air Multiplier technology that lets the unit move a large amount of air. While this purifier is incredibly powerful, it has no fast-spinning blades that could cause harm to pets or children. This unit should be placed in a corner of the room. From there, the oscillation is smooth allowing direct airflow across the room.

Along with its incredible functionality, the Cool Link has a minimal and modern design. It’s available in blue and silver colors and they both look quite sleek. If you care about the aesthetics of your room and can afford this device, then the Dyson Pure cool link air purifier is an attractive option.

The unit measures 40 by 4.3 by 7.5 inches and weighs 8.4 pounds, making it easy to carry around, though, given its size, it tends to be in a fairly spacious area. Aside from its innovative design, the unit is easy to clean and can be set to oscillate to help circulate purified air throughout your entire room. On the front of the base, you will find a power button and an LED indicator which will let you know when Wi-Fi is in pairing mode (green), when it’s connecting (white), and when it’s connected (solid white).

As with other Dyson fans, the Cool Link doesn’t have any controls on its body. Instead, it has a remote control in case you cannot use your smartphone or tablet. The remote is magnetic and usually attached at the top of the fan so you will never lose it. As I mentioned, the unit can be controlled via the app. From here, you can get access to all of the controls provided by the remote control. You can even set a schedule, automatically turning the fan on or off.


A great looking fan that will slip comfortably into many decors
Cools room very quickly
Can be controlled via app
Simple and straightforward to use
Easy to clean and change the filter


The unit has some connectivity issues.
The fan can get noisy at high settings.


Overall, If you’re looking for both a new fan and an air purifier, then this model is the one you should go for. It rapidly cleans the air in any room you put it in while providing a steady breeze at the same time. As a fan, the Cool Link performs as well as other Dyson models. The purifying fan is pretty quiet on low-speed settings. On high settings, the fan jumped to 56.5 dB, but it’s still quiet enough for any sort of conversation and you don’t have to turn up your TV volume when using it.

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Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan

Lasko 2554 fits pleasantly toward the edge of most living rooms. When it is standing at the corner of a room, your guests will barely recognize it as a fan. This unit comes with a handle, making it easy to carry around. Besides that, the weight of the unit is balanced with the toughness of the handle so you won’t have to worry about dropping it as you carry it from room to room. In addition, the fan has a relatively long power cable which allows you to position the fan anywhere.

There are three-speed settings on this fan: low, medium and high-speed modes. Be advised, however, at even the highest speed setting, the airflow is more akin to that of a gentle breeze. It is not ineffective or weak, it is just a bit more restrained than we were hoping for.

Using the Lasko 2554 fan is straightforward. You will find some controls keys on top of the fan. You can also use a remote control to operate the Power, Speed, Oscillation, Timer, and Ionizer. So you can get the speed you want by a mere push of a button and you don’t have to get up to get the air you want. The remote control is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are not included with this Lasko fan package. There is a handy storage area for the remote control on the fan as well, so you can easily store the remote when it is not in use. If you are near the fan, you can use the control panel which located on the top of the fan.

The Lasko 2554 fan has a fresh air ionizer technology which creates negative ions to attract the dust and dart of air. That means this fan helps neutralize odors and makes the air you breathe fresh, clean, and germ-free.

The device also comes with a digital timer that can be effortlessly set from 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours. The 30-minute increments provide more flexibility than other timers that provide only hourly increments. This feature can help to save lots of electricity bill in case you forget to switch it off.

The fan’s quality is no doubt. However, this fan has a little narrower range of oscillation. That said, if you need rigorous and quick airflow in a large room, then the Lasko Wind Curve Fan might be disappointing. However, with 90 degrees oscillation, the unit can cover a small room or office with ease.


  • Smooth operation
  • Blows fresh, clean, and germ-free air
  • Silent operation
  • The base is sturdy
  • Easy to move around
  • Affordable


The oscillation is relatively low

It’s not strong enough to cool larger rooms effectively


The 2554 Lasko Wind Curve Fan is a decent fan that offers cool and clean air for small rooms and offices. It is sturdy, elegant, silent and simple to operate. It is not just a cooling device but also is good for the environment. On the off chance that you are looking for a bladeless fan with ionization, this unit may be a great option.

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Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Bladeless Fan

Dyson design products that not only solve household needs but also maintain its place at the cutting edge of smart home technology. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 fan is a perfect example of how they have taken a home product and manufactured it in a way that you can display with pride in your living room. The AM06 is a modern unit designed to project smooth and powerful airflow. It’s streamlined air channels and bladeless design provides quiet operation. The compact size is also eyebrow-raising as it fits all desks and countertops.

Dyson combines a sleek and modern design which makes this bladeless model the customers’ favorite. On the top part, you’ll find a circular loop for directing cool air to a specific direction. The unit also comes with airflow settings to give a more personalized comfort. What’s more, it’s offered in different colors including black, blue and white silver. No matter the color you choose, you can be guaranteed you’ll have an audacious-looking device. Other than that, the outside part is made of ABS material which makes the unit durable.

The manufacturer has also given attention to details on the control buttons compared to the AM01. On the fan base, you’ll find the power button. There is also a 2-digit LED display which shows the current airflow settings. The other settings are available on the remote control. You can use to turn on/off the fan, adjust wind level, and control oscillation. And once you’re done, just place it on top of the fan and the hidden magnetic top will hold it securely. Of course, it does not require too much space.

You’ll fall in love with the touch-to-tilt design base which offers perfectly smooth operation. The 90-degree oscillation will direct airflow anywhere on the room. To turn it on/off, you have to use a remote control.

With no blades in sight, the multiplier technology amplifies the surrounding air giving smooth airflow. While this is a common feature in most bladeless fans, the AM06 fan is quieter than its predecessor (the AM01). The loop multiplier is also child-friendly so you don’t have to worry about the curious hands.

The AM06 fan comes with a sleep timer program that allows you to set the fan to run from 15 minutes to 9 hours. After the set period, the unit will turn off automatically. This is a nice feature if you’re prone to leaving appliances on for too long.


  • The curved and streamlined design provides neat storage
  • Smooth and powerful airflow
  • Energy efficient
  • AM06 is 75% quieter than the AM01
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Has a stable base


  • Airflow is not equally distributed on the loop
  • Remote required for advanced operation


The AM06 is certainly a great companion for warm, muggy nights. It’s quiet, energy efficient, can be remotely controlled and has a handy sleep timer with LED display. It comes with the smooth oscillation which helps you control the direction of airflow. And regardless of the color you choose, you can be guaranteed it will fit your décor.

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Lasko #4930 35″ Remote Control Oscillating High-Velocity Fan

Lasko #4930 Remote Control Oscillating High-Velocity Fan provides a practical and stylish way to cool your home. It’s designed with state-of-the-art technology to give a continuous stream of cool air, especially during those long summer days.

The unit comes in a streamlined, yet sleek design that complements all types of home and office décor. Its lightweight design allows the user to move them around. It also has a handle that is molded at the back to make the tedious task of carrying a breeze. This Lasko unit also has a 6-inch power cord which increases the flexibility of its position. On the top part, you’ll find an LED light that indicates the power is on. Unlike the conventional fans, this unit has a smaller footprint even when oscillating. And no worries for your little kids, the base is too heavy to tip over.

The fan is equipped with a high-powered motor making it ideal for basements, home gyms, kitchens, and living rooms. Plus, it has a remarkable oscillation feature that allows it to move from side to side spreading cool air over a wider area. It also makes 180-degree movements. Once you plug the unit into the socket it will work tirelessly without a hitch. It will never give air with fluctuating temperatures unless you change the settings.

Just like the outgoing model (4924), this fan has three powerhouse speeds so you can choose your comfort level. You can also set it to automatically turn off after 1, 2 or 4 hours. Even better, it comes with a remote control which allows the user to change the speed settings. On the back side, you’ll find storage for the remote.

While most tower fans come with a knob and a button, the 4930 model has taken a more digital approach. On the top part, there is a display which shows your settings.

This model has given attention to detail on safety. It has patented fused safety pin which protects the unit from an electrical fault. When a problem is detected, it automatically cuts the power off. This is one of the few products that have adhered to stringent safety standards.


  • Durable construction
  • Relatively quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Comes fully assembled; simply open the box, plug, and play
  • Fitted with patented-fused safety plug which comes in handy when you leave the fan unattended
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Has no breeze mode
  • A bit noisy when running on maximum speed
  • The remote control does not come with batteries


Lasko #4930 Remote Control Oscillating High-Velocity Fan is a masterpiece. It
comes in a streamlined design and is equipped with a high-powered motor, making
it the perfect unit for homes and offices. Not only that, it has met local and
international safety standards. With no assembly required, you’re guaranteed of
cooling off in no time.

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Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater, the latest version, has just hit the market, and while it may look a lot like its predecessor, the new model has a bit to make it stand out. Unlike your traditional fan, you won’t have to store the Dyson Hot and Cool AM09 fan heater away during colder months. This is because it is, as the name suggests, not just a fan but also a heater, so it can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater is an improvement on its predecessor, the AM05, in that it has two apertures rather than one. A diffuse option that will release the air more gently to cool or heat the whole room and a Jet focus option allows you to point the airflow directly where you want the AM09 to cool or heat. This personal setting is pretty strong, so the AM09 will work smoothly to sort out whatever temperature issues you are currently experiencing. It’s recommended to choose the focus option to cool yourself down on a hot day, whereas the diffuse option was better suited to heating the entire room. In use without the heater on the fan in Jet focus option, it is effective and quiet.

Like previous Dyson air multipliers, this unit comes with an easy-on-the-eye and well-constructed design. The silver on the black model has a matt touch finish which enhances the modern, premium look. If you don’t like the Darth Vader-esque appearance, white/silver, iron/blue, iron/copper options are also available.

The Dyson AM09 Fan Heater stands at 23.4 inches and weighs 5.9 pounds so it is easy to carry it from one room to another or to store when not in use. Despite a small footprint, the unit is stable enough so that you don’t have to worry about it toppling over when you place it on floor or countertop. Even better, the length of the cord is 5.9 feet which offer great flexibility in terms of positioning and placement.

While aesthetically looking super cool, it is also relatively baby-safe because there are no fast-spinning blades or visible heating element. Additionally, If the AM09 fan heater gets accidentally knocked over, it will also automatically shut off. This feature will come in handy for households with pets or children.

Instead of using heating elements, the AM09 fan heater utilizes the patented Air Multiplier Technology to generate heat. Therefore, the AM09 will not produce the foul odor when it is heating up.

There are 10 fan settings in both cooling and heating mode and anything up to level five is quite silent. A higher setting means that the room heats up faster, but also that it makes more noise. Turning it up to 10, it is indeed notably loud, constantly humming, makes it difficult to hear dialogue at an acceptable volume from the TV. So if you’re happy to have it running at the lower level, it’ll be better.

The AM09 fan heater has a remote control that allows you to switch between the heat and cooling modes. The remote also controls the fan settings, oscillation, a sleep timer and the precise temperature you’re looking to hit.


  • Sleek and premium look
  • Focus and Diffuse Modes
  • Exact temperature control
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Relatively baby-safe
  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • A bit pricey
  • At its top level, it’s noisy enough to down out a TV at full blast
  • It does not have onboard controls so If you misplace the remote control, there is no way to change some controls such as oscillation or sleep timer


The Dyson AM09 is considered the best fan heater available. It cools the room very quickly, has direct and air circulating modes, is easy to use with remote, and is as effective as a heater. The main drawback of this innovative model is that it is a bit pricey. But if you value the aesthetics and high-tech features, then the AM09 is the best choice for any stylish living room or office.

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Buying Guide on Choosing The Best Bladeless Fan

The Invention of The Bladeless Fan

According to U.S patents, the bladeless fan was invented by a British Entrepreneur, James Dayson who named his fan the air multiplier. However, the Intellectual property Office thinks otherwise. The first concept was created by Tokyo Shibaura Electric (Japanese company) which is dated back to 1981. Unfortunately, the fan was never manufactured. This means Dyson’s patent application is still a work-in-progress. Ideally, patents expire after 20 years and after that date, they cannot be submitted by a different company unless they have been improved upon.

The British entrepreneur claimed that he had spent many years developing the air multiplier technology and that the Japanese version did not have the feature. Dayson designed his first fans in 2009 which can push up to 119 gallons of smooth air every second. And just like the traditional counterparts, it retained normal functions like speed control, oscillation, and tilt. It looked cooler too.

The fan was also equipped with a brushless electric motor and had a ring-shaped frame that formed a curve with a 16-degree angle slope. Additionally, it was quieter, safer and more power efficient than the traditional counterparts. And the tricky part is- the fan had has only a few parts to clean.

In 2015, Panasonic developed a spherical fan and called it Bladeless Air Generator. This unit was designed to take in the air and then blow it out on the other side. However, the manufacturer seemed to have borrowed the concept form Dayson.

How The Bladeless Fans work

The bladeless fan uses cleaver aerodynamics as it multiplies the air sucked in using less energy while generating less noise. And as the name suggests – it has no visible blades. They are hidden inside the pedestal stand, the section that draws in up to 5.28 gallons of air per second.

When the unit is turned on, the air flows through the pedestal of the fun and then gets into the hollow tube. Next, it flows smoothly into the 16mm slits at the fans base. At this point, the brushless electric motor runs the asymmetrically aligned blades for smooth airflow. It also controls the speed fan. After that, the air goes through the loop-like tube and is forced out of a narrow slit running around the loop.

At the base, the passage is wide which tends to narrow near the top of the loop squeezing the air faster. This means air is moved through the loop using the principle of fluid dynamics. Also, the fan continues to multiply the air. And as the speed increases, the base becomes more stable. This concept can be likened to placing your thumb over the head of a hose to make the curvature of the inner wall create an area of air pressure.

The simultaneous pull and push create a quiet and constant flow of cool breeze. Simply put, the fan uses the same concept of an air wing as it draws in more air and multiplies it. According to Dayson, the multiplier technology increases the air outflow up to 15 times that of the traditional fans. More clearly, it can draw in 20 liters of air which is three times the air in our lungs. This also implies that it can pump out 300 liters of air. All this has been achieved for something that has been around for centuries, Brilliant British Engineering.

Advantages of Bladeless Fans

Bladeless design

These units have no fast-spinning blades that are common in the traditional counterparts. Instead, they use air multiplier technology to create uninterrupted and a powerful stream of airflow. Using these units can be likened to simply opening the windows to create a cool breeze around your room. Better still, the bladeless design makes them stand out in the market as they are completely safe to use. When using the fan, you don’t have to worry that your children will strike their fingers in the blades.

Brilliant Look

At first glance, you’ll fall in love with these units. Their unique design makes them fit any kind of room – from bedrooms to living areas. When you place the fan in your room, it reflects a modern or minimalistic look. There are dozens of brands of bladeless fans in the market that can fit your unique style and taste.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the bladeless fans is straightforward. Unlike their traditional fans where you have to take off the cover to clean the blades, all you don’t need to unscrew any part of a bladeless fan. Simply take a wet cloth and clean it.

Programmable sleep time

Bladeless fans come with a remote control which allows the user to adjust the airflow settings. Most of them have preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

Occupy less space

These units come with a smaller footprint which makes them suited for both home and office use. You can place them on kitchen tops or workstation without worrying about space.

Smooth airflow

Bladeless fans produce smooth airflow giving uninterrupted air circulation.

Less noise

Bladeless fans are designed to give a consistent flow of air with minimal noise. They are 75% quieter even at high-speed levels than the traditional counterparts. This silence-celebrating concept has been achieved due to the use of low-noise materials. With these units, you can let them run overnight without disturbing your sleep. And if you’re using them on your living room, you don’t have to switch them off when watching your TV.

Energy efficient

The bladeless fan provides high energy efficiency without compromising on airflow. The loop is designed to reduce stress on the motor which cuts energy costs by a huge margin. They are the best alternative for homeowners who are looking to save on energy costs in the long-run.

Features That You Should Look for Before Buying a Bladeless Fan

Whether you’re looking for a fan for your bedroom, living area, or office, there are specific features you have to look for to fit your usage. Here is a rundown on what you should keep an eye on when choosing a bladeless fan.

Sturdy design

The best bladeless fan should have a solid construction and a good durability record. And because they come in multiple colors, you may want to select a unit that adds a stylish look to your room. By choosing a unit that blends perfectly with your home décor, you don’t need to buy another set of decorations in future. Of course, you don’t want a unit that you have to hind in your closet every time the visitors show up.


The size comes in handy if you’re a space-starved homeowner. Fans are offered in different sizes and blow different amount of cubic air through the room. If you want a fan to place on your living room, you want a unit that gives a burst of cool air without taking too much space. Remember, an oversized fan could overwhelm your compact space.

Noise level

Perhaps, this is the most important feature to look for when purchasing a fan. If you want a unit for bedroom use, you should select a fan that is whisper quiet when operating at low speed. It’s crucial that you do some tests before you buy; check for whining, thrumming, and buffeting noises.

Energy efficiency

Most people use more energy during the summer which shows in their utility bills. As part of your daily housekeeping routine, you should replace the traditional fans with bladeless fans. But, not all fans are the same. Choose a fan that is energy efficient when operating at full speed.

Stable base

Let’s be honest: nothing is more annoying than a fan that rattles as it turns. Choose a fan with adhesive base or suction cups to keep it in place. The base should also be strong enough to ensure the unit won’t tip over if accidentally nudged.


Most bladeless fans come with a small infrared remote for controlling fan strength and setting the timer to automatically shut off. Choose a unit with an LED display that shows the settings. Also, pay close attention to the number of speed settings.


No matter where you keep your units, the dust will automatically settle on the blades. Traditional fans have a grille which makes it hard to clean than their bladeless counterparts. Choose a unit that is easy to clean on a regular basis.

Extra features

Modern bladeless fans have additional features like WiFi connectivity and voice controls. You may also want to choose a unit that allows the user to control the direction of airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the fan work?

A: It uses air multiplier technology to pass air through the asymmetrically aligned blades for a constant flow of cool breeze.

Q: Do you need a professional to set up the unit?

A: You can follow the step-by-step guide provided on the manual for setup.

Q: Does it require any maintenance?

A: Since the fan has no filters or grills, it’s quite easy to maintain. We recommend that you dust the unit with a wet cloth.

Q: What are the anticipated energy costs?

A: On the lowest setting, the fan uses 2 Watts and 21 Watts on the highest setting. For instance, you can set the unit on the lowest level and apply the average cost per kilowatt per hour. That way you can easily calculate how much you’ll save in seven days.

Q: Is there a definite place where the fan should be mounted?

A: Not really. It has a stable base so you can place it on your desktop or kitchen top without the fear that it will tip over.

Q: Can it be used outdoors?

A: While the fan can be used outdoors, it’s designed to be used inside as it’s not waterproof.