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Over the years, there have been groundbreaking advancements in technology. It might be a brand-new gadget, smartphone, or perhaps an improvement in the mattress industry. If, for example, you are planning to change your bed, consider researching what new technology there is.

And you may be shocked to know what is available. Mattresses are made out of various technologies and supplies to satisfy the different needs of consumers. Also, there are plenty of options to select from. Thus, it can be tough to choose a mattress.

New designs and improvements in mattress technology are, for the most part, being launched now and then. With such advancements, customers will be more than satisfied and happy as it also improves their lives for the better. For a little help, we’ve rounded up five mattress technology over the years. So, take a read!

Adjustable Beds

For those sleepers who have difficulty with relaxation and typically toss and turn while sleeping, worry not. Now, there are products that can help you with that. Presenting the adjustable beds.

These mattresses can help a person find their preferred sleeping position. Saatva offers a lineal adjustable base mattress. Such mattresses are regulated by remote control, allowing you to move either the end of the bed or the head, or both.

Adjustable beds can help you watch TV, sleep, or read comfortably. Moreover, some beds provide functions like massages for your whole body, feet, or head. This new mattress technology features a night light as well. With a click of a button, the lights are up, and you’ll undoubtedly find your way to your mattress.

Natural Beds

With the continuous search for eco-friendly materials, Technavio, one of the many market research companies, report that there’s a growing demand for non-toxic mattresses. And these beds are the ones manufactured from natural latex.

Also, memory foam beds manufactured from natural materials have become accessible in the market. These materials can be unbleached cotton, plant-based, or natural latex. Essentia, a Canada-based mattress company manufactures such beds.

Moreover, custom-fit beds are offered, typically targeting sportsmen that adjust measurements based on their weight, muscle, and spine. Some beds are made from organic wool or cotton.

These beds are resistant to both dust mites and mold and are hypoallergenic. There are even beds that can be overturned. One side provides something luxurious while the other provides gentle firmness.

Perfect Positioning

Another developed mattress technology with auspicious capacities is the ReST. This bed utilizes technology that initially belonged to be developed and used for sleepers with spine injuries.

The perfect positioning mattress can sense a person’s movement, or when there’s too much pressure on particular body parts. If this occurs, the bed will instantly shrink or expand air spaces situated inside it to optimize comfort. This bed will the movements for you, and keep you from waking up, resulting in better rest during the night.

Warm Beds

Just like sleep trackers, warm mattresses such as the Luna smart beds are manufactured to improve a person’s sleep and rest during the night by warming the bed. Further features comprise sleep trackers and the capability to wake the sleepers on the correct time. These beds are targeted to maximize the nightly rest of a person by warming their mattress.

Sleep Data Collecting Mattresses

These days, mattresses have been created to collect sleep data of a person. Such beds can track sleep patterns, pressure, pain, and movement. Plus, it can wake you up from your sleep. A perfect example of this product is the Kingsdown Smart Sleep System.

By collecting sleep data, the bed can adjust itself to deliver the best sleep to the user. The collected data can be viewed through your mobile device, helping and providing you information about your sleeping patterns.


How long do you sleep? Is it comparable to how long do snails sleep? Well, if you didn’t know, snails sleep for several hours or at least three years. We are not saying you should sleep for years; what we’re implying is that you need to get enough sleep each day. And mattresses have always impacted how well and long we sleep. Got more questions? Go check out this blog.

Beds have progressed from rudimentary leaves, horsehair, or feathers. Today, technologically advanced, comfortable sleep systems are offered in the market. Even though there’s no best mattress in the world, choosing a technology-advanced mattress can help your overall mental and physical health.

The recent mattress advancements include warm beds, sleep data collecting mattresses, perfect positioning, natural beds, and adjustable beds. These are only some of the advancements, though. The list goes on.

So, what is in store for the mattress industry’s future? Some forecasts for future advancements in beds include a system that cleans itself. Simply speaking, mattresses in the future might be able to clean themselves without your help.