Have you recently purchased a home and are making the move to California? A lot of people move to the West Coast because of their job. The Golden State is a fun and rewarding place to live and being a new homeowner here is exciting. If you are new to the state, you are going to have a lot of purchases to make for your new home. But where should you begin?

We have found four essential purchases you are going to need when you are moving to California. They are going to help you adjust to the temperature, weather conditions and the neighborhood.


A Smart Thermostat

If you have never lived in California before, you are going to need some time to adjust to the heat. In other words, you need to control the temperature in your home. Most properties are going to have air conditioning. But you may want to think about purchasing a smart thermostat for your home. This can seem like a big expense when you first move in. But it is one that really pays off. You can control your thermostat remotely when you are not home through your smartphone. This ensures your house is cool enough for you during the summer. What’s more, you can minimize your energy costs with an app since you can control exactly when your HVAC system operates. Most smart thermostats are easy to install.

Earthquake Insurance

If you are new to California, there are going to be some disasters you have to think about. Namely, you have to consider the possibility of an earthquake happening. This can be a scary experience especially if you have moved from a part of the country where you never even thought about it. But now is the time to consider the damage they can do. Namely, the shaking can cause damage to your home. Remember, this is different that your home warranty coverage.

While a lot of houses in California are designed with this in mind, some damage can still occur and you should be prepared for this. In other words, you can have earthquake insurance. When you have a good policy, this is going to cover you for all of the repairs you have to make to your property after suffering from an earthquake. It will also cover any expenses incurred from having to move out of your home temporarily when repairs are being carried out. Ultimately, earthquake insurance makes sure that you are not out of pocket after a natural disaster. You can know that your home is protected.

Blackout Shades

The Californian is strong. We are not just talking about the heat. We also mean that with clear blue skies, you can expect the sunshine to enter your new home for most of the day. This is something that can affect the quality of your sleep. So, it is best to buy blackout shades for your new home in California. This is going to keep the room dark when they are rolled down, allowing you to relax and enjoy better sleep. They are also good for privacy and keeping your rooms cool during the day. What’s more, blackout shades can help to reduce noise when you are trying to sleep too.

Home Security

It does not matter how nice a neighborhood you think you are moving into, you want to ensure that you invest in home security. This is going to make you feel safe and secure when you are at home, as well as offering peace of mind when you are out. The good news is that there are a lot of affordable options now when it comes to home security. So, you can decide on what you need and still stick to your budget.

For example, good home security includes outdoor cameras and sensor lights. This allows you to keep an eye on the outside of your property at all times. Sensor lights are good at night as they are going to turn on when someone approaches doors or your backyard. This often acts as a deterrent for someone approaching your property.

You can also get a smart doorbell for your front door. Not only is this going to let you know when someone is knocking on your door, but it is also going to allow you to see who it is for security reasons. Smart doorbells connect to Wi-Fi and have a camera and microphone that you can access from your smartphone. In the age of technology, this makes it easy to see your property at all times.